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BUT DATS WHY I LUV TOMORROW”🏆🏆✅✅✅ it’s official me & my girl @iamcardib Linked up for TOMORROW 2 DROPPING FRIDAY 9/23 @ MIDNIGHT 😝😝😝presave the below let’s gooooooo.

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GloRilla recruits Cardi B for ‘Tomorrow 2’ dropping this Friday ‼️👀.

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My favorite music-based thing in 2022 so far is GloRilla ascending to greatness. Her voice, delivery, and cadence are unmatched..

I’m glad Glorilla did a song with Cardi B she ain’t tryna get on with Nicki she not one of them girls 🤣🫶🏽.

Glorilla & Cardi B are dropping a new single on Friday called “Tomorrow 2”!.

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CARDI B andddd GLORILLA??!!!?? On a song together???!!! Oh none of y’all better call me tomorrow night #tomorrow2.

@theestallion please follow glorilla back on instagram she’s been following you forever now 😩.

Glorilla couldn’t say Charlotte 😂😭😩LMAOOOO awww I love her!😭😭❤️❤️❤️.

When Glorilla said “Soon as I feel like my time getting wasted then it’s time to go” I felt tf outta that‼️.

I just pre saved that new joint by @GloTheofficial and @iamcardib.

GloRilla commands the room standing next to Cardi.👏 that’s talent.

I’ve never willingly listened to a song but I’m wild happy for Glorilla. Seeing some people win makes you feel like you won..

GloRilla blew up & took her homegirls with her i love her for that, cause nowadays bitches would never do that.

I also love that Glorilla thinks Twitter is bougie and Facebook is where she feels comfortable at 😂 #real.

Aye that Glorilla song got the “Warriors come out and play” intro from The Warriors. She Hard for that 🤣.

The amount of times I saw positive shit about GloRilla supporting black people just by like getting her hair done by them and wearing their merch its DOPE I love it she’s really winnin. We love a supportive sis.

GLOrilla & Cardi video snippet gives fun ass vibes, they even threw Hennessy in there. Love unproblematic feats 🫶🏾.

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