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Kevin McCarthy is an accomplice to everything Trump has ever done. #GOPContractForCruelty.

#GOPContractForCruelty Their plan, their only plan for decades and it takes everything away from we the people. They might as well just say, make us kings and call it good, done and over..

The GOP is running on banning abortions, raising healthcare prices, banning books, defunding the FBI, bailing out Jan 6th rioters, destroying social security and Medicare and more. These people hate America. #GOPContractForCruelty.

@SteveScalise @GOPLeader The GOP is running on banning abortion, banning contraception, banning books, eliminating Social Security and Medicare, defunding the FBI and the IRS, targeting the people investigating Jan 6, raising drug prices, and protecting Trump and all his crimes. #GOPContractForCruelty.

@OccupyDemocrats #GOPContractForCruelty is wrong for the American people. #VoteBlueIn2022 UP and DOWN the ballot..

@mmpadellan The typical BS gop platform #GOPContractForCruelty . GOP dystopia. #VoteBlue2022 for so many reasons.

@GOPLeader @RepBryanSteil Bryan is all for forcing raped teens to give birth; letting everyone own assault rifles; raising retirement age to 70 and ending social security and medicare. In addition, Bryan wants everyone to embrace WHITE CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM . . . cause that is the #GOPContractForCruelty.

@GOPLeader #GOPContractForCruelty 💥END Social Security 💥END Medicare 💥BAN books 💥BAN birth control 💥BAN gay marriage 💥CRIMINALIZE abortion 💥GUT heathcare 💥ATTACK teachers 💥DESTROY public schools 💥FACILITATE gun violence 💥SUPRESS votes 💥DEFEND insurrection 💥DEFEND espionage.

@atrupar Don’t be distracted by the MAGA GOP & don’t let them implement their #GOPContractforCruelty - vote Democrat in November up & down the ballot 🇺🇸.

#GOPContractForCruelty Photo,#GOPContractForCruelty Photo by Gina,Gina on twitter tweets #GOPContractForCruelty Photo

@MarshaBlackburn Look at their actions, not their false promises. #GOPContractForCruelty.

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