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See, these are the type of activities that should get a player benched. Grant Williams deciding to go 1 on 2 with one of the two being the league leading shot blocker is insane..

See, these are the type of activities that should get a player benched. Grant Williams deciding to go 1 on 2 with one of the two being the league leading shot blocker is insane. (After further review, the bad play design set him up for failure. The attempt remains goofy tho.).

Elite decision maker in Derrick White on the bench all 4th quarter while Joe puts Grant Williams, bad decision maker, in that game winning situation..

Utah Jazz Rookie Walker Kessler mit dem Game-Winning Block gegen Grant Williams. 😤🔥.

Why do I wake up to see grant Williams didn’t even follow the damn play and wanted to be a hero.

Walker Kessler when he sees Grant Williams try to win the game.

Grant Williams Photo,Grant Williams Photo by Jazz Nation,Jazz Nation on twitter tweets Grant Williams Photo

@BillSimmons glad that Grant Williams was in there. He’s steady. Never complains. Model of consistency.

Nah fr and The fact that they gave it to Grant Williams for the last shot is hilarious.

GRANT ET JAYLEN EN TÊTE D’AFFICHE 🔥 • Williams : 23 PTS - 4 REB - 8/16 FG - 7/12 3PT • Brown : 25 PTS - 4 REB - 6 AST - 9/19 FG - 4/9 3PT - 3/4 FT Ils ont mené les C’s amoindris par de nombreuses blessures, la victoire était actée mais le Jazz a remonté un retard de 19 PTS.

Grant Williams Photo,Grant Williams Photo by Le Garden ☘️,Le Garden ☘️ on twitter tweets Grant Williams Photo

Grant Williams has single handliy cost the celtics 3 games this year and he has the nerve to ask for 20 mil.

And then hours later, with the game on the line, Grant Williams didn’t run the play for Jayson Tatum and instead went ISO…and lost the game 😂.

Grant Williams is waking up in a shipping container to Guangdong tomorrow.

@AJ3Jazz Draft with Jazz and Minny picks — trying to get a PG and a SF — trade the 3rd to move one of the picks up. Use cap space to sign Grant Williams, cut KO, maybe bring Clarkson back..


Why does Grant fucking Williams even have the ball in this situation.


@ChrisForsberg_ Joe sucks. He’s fumbled Pritchard minutes all season. He recently did It to grant Williams. Now Derrick white can’t play crunch time minutes. He’s been doing this nonsense all season. Plays the same guys heavy minutes. Tired team and we aren’t going anywhere unfortunately..

@KevinOConnorNBA it’s ok at least they gave their most clutch player, grant williams, the shot.

Why did Grant Williams have the ball on a team with Tatum and JB.

Grant Williams is the greatest player to play against in the clutch @LeGoatMitchell.

@espn_macmahon Grant Williams with another late game blunder lol at least he didn’t say he was gonna make *this* shot before missing it.

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What else could Grant Williams have done on the final play for the #Celtics to have won the game in Utah?.

Ou tudo isso pode ter sido invenção da minha cabeça e a jogada realmente foi desenhada para o Grant Williams.

@ChrisForsberg_ Grant Williams is in way too many big time situations. Stars need the ball when the game is on the line..

Was this play designed to show Grant Williams how much he sucks?.

@BarstoolTenn Yes! Grant Williams is an absolute basketball king. His skills and leadership qualities are unmatched, and he is definitely an asset to any team he plays for. #GrantWilliams #BasketballKing 👑🏀 Check my pin tweet bro.

@onrk1n @BrianTRobb There’s no way. I’m one of the biggest Grant guys on this app but a designed play for Grant Williams in the clutch does not exist.

Why they choose to do this play? Grant Williams shoot in the paint against Jazz-Kessler who have elite paint protection out of any possibilities?? Should be the last resort. Very weird.

@TracyZakk @KevinOConnorNBA Tried to tell u for years Grant Williams was a fraud. Can’t trust someone who played at Tennessee!.

I feel so bad that Grant Williams was blocked to end the game 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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