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Tucker is going to double down on the Great Replacement Theory because what happened today isn’t an accident, it’s the *point.*.

BNO News
BNO News

NEW YORK TERROR ATTACK - Shooting at Buffalo supermarket - Attack live-streamed on Twitch - Victims shot in the head - At least 10 dead, 3 injured - Suspect, 18, taken into custody - He uploaded online manifesto - Self-described white supremacist - Believed in Great Replacement.

This is still a developing story, but the reality is that the great replacement theory no longer lives in the fringes of extremist ideology, it was intentionally mainstreamed by some of the most prominent voices in American politics..

Tim Wise
Tim Wise

Another white supremacist terrorist has committed mass murder, inspired by the great replacement thinking pushed regularly by Tucker Carlson and others on the right. Blood is on their hands, 100%..

The #Buffalo massacre is what happens when members of the establishment tolerate racism, push the‘the Great Replacement’ conspiracy, exaggerate critical race theory, & present racist views as legitimate concerns for white people White supremacists are emboldened by all of this.

Oh where have we heard about white replacement theory before? Tucker Carlson is an accessory to murder..

@alanjwang @newsmax You won’t see it on fox, literally, because his manifesto included Tucker’s great replacement theory.

@StephenKing Check it out. He was upset about the Great White Replacement. #TuckerCarlsonHasBloodOnHisHands.

@Popehat Given the similarities between the shooter’s manifesto and the documented record of Fox News hosts ranting to millions of viewers about “Great Replacement” conspiracies, is that a provable link, or would a specific reference to Fox News be needed?.

@EliseStefanik Push any great replacement theory bullshit on Facebook recently you pos?.

While the Great Replacement focuses on foreign immigrants, the related discourse includes white fertility, birth control, abortion, LGBTQ, and miscegenation. Anything white nationalists claim is related to the growth or reduction of white demographics. Plus voting and jobs..

@MollyJongFast @EliseStefanik ...and the Great Replacement rhetoric? You know, the one that Tucker has been spreading. Also, the pedo panic. I remember a certain high-ranking GOP Rep ginning that up recently..

@johnpavlovitz @EliseStefanik Elise also believes and shares the great replacement theory which this murdering racist nut job put in his manifesto ...

@EliseStefanik Look in the mirror. You push the great replacement theory & all your other racial 🐂 💩. I hope the family of these victims sue you & Fox news & the rest of the racist GOP. You deserve it..

@willie_N22 @TuckerCarlson A: How do you know that the manifesto is 100% authentic? B: Is Tucker Carlson not free to make the claim about Great Replacement ? C: Can you provide emperical evidence of Tucker Carlson calling for violence?.

@EliseStefanik Great replacement theory is directly from you! You put those people in harms way and the blood is on your hands for indoctrinating him!!.

@carolannleif Critical race theory is too controversial but the great replacement theory is supported..

@jewish_activist @koshersemite You know else spread the great replacement theory, & is now currently being rehabilitated by liberal dipshits in the debate sphere?.

Great Replacement Photo,Great Replacement Photo by Doctor Woke ☭,Doctor Woke ☭ on twitter tweets Great Replacement Photo

Black people have been on this land for 400 years, probably longer than the shooter’s ancestors. What do they even have to do with this great replacement bullshit?.

@emmanuelfelton An inverse of Great Replacement actually employed by some states: 1) Count everybody to maintain/increase nubmer of Representatives in House. 2) But make sure unwanted groups find it very hard to vote, akin to 3/4th rule:.

Nearly half of Republicans subscribe to the same white supremacist conspiracy theory as the #Buffalo shooter who shot 13 people today.

An upstate NY congressman spews out deadly racist propaganda; a constituent acts on it. She needs to be held responsible..

Hey @foxnews if this shooting has any connection to Fucker Tarlson, I will PUSH HARD FOR THE VICTIMS FAMILIES TO SUE YOU & MR. FUCKER TARLSON FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TIME TO SEND A MESSAGE FOR LOTS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

@Aaronmovieblog White nationalists have existed in the for decades. Since the damned Klan. This attack has nothing to do with Ukraine. Stop excusing right-wing media and far right militias in the Great Replacement ideology is responsible.

@fedriza @forumJuventus That would be the main thing, not the replacement of Morata 😅, he’s great, but I don’t see how we can afford him right now, since we have to buy a lot of players this year, but Muriel would be the shift for Vlahovic or Kean, and that would be great!.

@Gomlar26 @TheOmniLiberal Great Replacement is a title of a book from 1970s you dum dum Lauren did not come up with that. She probably saw that it was popular term on 4chan and YouTube comments so she decided to farm some views for her channel from it..

Now, if you all want to understand more about replacement theory as a white nationalist talking point, so you can oppose it, great! Some of us would be more than happy to help you out. But….

The Republicans in Congress could revive that habit by, say, unanimously condemning Tucker Carlson for pimping the neo-Nazi Great Replacement line? 1/.

To any liberal saying the recent Buffalo shooter was motivated by right ring racism and great replacement theroy all i gotta say he was. Fox news, trump, gop and personalities on the right wing are doing more and more damage by the day.

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