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The problem with DOJ’s approach to the Gaetz case is you don’t cooperate a horrible person like Joel Greenberg *unless and until* you know for sure you can and will rely on his testimony. To flip Greenberg and decide later that he’s unusable is atrocious prosecutorial practice..

followed procedure. They followed the facts, and brought several indictments against those in the Gaetz/Greenberg circle. They did not bring an indictment against Gaetz just for political vendettas. And an apology is owed? For what? Media reporting accurate facts? DOJ following.

There is perfect reason why Gaetz arrest is delayed - the JUDGE wants to try Gaetz, the JUDGE has seen the evidence against Matt Gaetz !!!! The reason is Greenberg - and DOJ is delaying HIS sentencing. Why? Because Joel is delivering OTHER CRIMES & criminals, several convicted.

Greenberg Photo,Greenberg Photo by Tomi T Ahonen Also Uses Power Of Even By-Thinking,Tomi T Ahonen Also Uses Power Of Even By-Thinking on twitter tweets Greenberg Photo

8/Greenberg : Case 2 cont. - testing showed positive for Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, Babesia & Anaplasma. Mom positive for TBRF. Child improved after treatment w/ antibiotics - met milestones, happier, less impulsive, making eye contact, interactive, reading. #ILADS2022 #ASD.

@mirgray Uhhhh i had to walk from lorry greenberg to st pats i tresspassed the rail property so many times..

@thedailybeast @BivingsDoris This makes me sick. Did they advise against charges for Joel Greenberg? Considering Greenberg’s case led them to Gaetz..

@McDutchoven Why his credibility is bad: Greenberg admitted he LIED against a teacher who was running against him to be a tax collector. He had sent letters to the school falsely claiming the teacher had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student—similar allegation to the Gaetz case.

@MuellerSheWrote This doesn’t smell right. The two main witnesses are the ex girlfriend and a guy who’s sentencing they pushed back a number of times so he could spill more tea. If Greenberg is so untrustworthy why the extensions? This DOJ is tight lipped. This reeks of pandering for access..

@Leah_Tweets2 @RpsAgainstTrump It’s been two years of patience and people telling us Greenberg was cooperating so I think people have the right to be upset about this..

Please tell me how Matt Gaetz is escaping prosecution when his buddy Joel Greenberg is going to jail???.

@TristanSnell @Higgs_Boson46 Why would the spend months dealing with Greenberg if they thought he’s not credible? Maybe they are going after corruption charges instead..

It doesnt make sense, Matt Gaetz not facing charges. Why have the questioned/ delayed Greenberg for so long? I think this letting him off the hook , is fake.

The letter, which The Daily Beast recently obtained, was written after Greenberg—who was under federal indictment—asked Roger Stone to help him secure a pardon from then-President Donald Trump..

@JoyceWhiteVance Doesn’t DoJ have evidence from Gaetz’s Venmo account? Are the victims not credible, too? If Greenberg will still be prosecuted, why not his accomplice Gaetz? Innocent people don’t repeatedly ask for Pardons that’ll cover everything they’ve ever done..

What utter bullshit! What does Joel Greenberg have to say about this? GMAFB #RepublicansLieAboutEverything #RepublicansAreFascists.

@donwinslow @Maltomash So Joel Greenberg being reported as handing over THOUSANDS of photos and videos by Rollingstone in August of 2021, (stalling his own case), was all bullshit?.

@DavidJollyFL Greenberg’s attorney supposedly said this would surprise him because of all the evidence he has seen..

@MuellerSheWrote Is it possible that he is cooperating after facing possible charges from the Joel Greenberg investigation? Maybe offering him immunity in order to go after bigger fish?.

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