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Man, the @GreenleafOWN family sure likes to get busy in the church building. 👀#Greenleaf.

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Mae having Marisol hide all the valuables before AJ came sealed the nail in the coffin for me 💀 #Greenleaf.

I honestly cannot wait till Jacob tells the family that Charity is literally sleeping with the enemy #Greenleaf.

I am shouting NO at my television non-stop! I remember thinking ‘how are they gonna keep it going now that Mac’s gone’ after season 2 .... but #Greenleaf just keeps delivering every week 👏🏾.

Or maybe she’s tired of waiting for them to see her and she’s moving on🤔 #Greenleaf.

I’m thinking Charity wants to play her own game🤔🤷🏿‍♀️ #Greenleaf.

Jacob cheated first and idc if it was “just a kiss” FOH! He liked Tasha!! #Greenleaf.

Say what you but I don’t blame Karissa. Jacob ain’t shit and is a sorry excuse of a man. Why does he think it’s acceptable to have his wife living in his mothers home🤔 #Greenleaf.

Charity is a sick sick bitch. If she was my sister we would definitely have to go rounds👊🏾 #Greenleaf.

Can y’all explain somethg to me. So Grace put her son up for adoption as a baby, correct? Then when he gets older he finds her, and blames her for the hard life he had? I’m confused how any of this is Grace’s fault? #Greenleaf.

i dont want to see u anymore ...can i have some money? ........ i dnt want2 see u anymore .....can u pls come bail me out of jail agn??....& lie & say i was w/you??? ~, the bad ass kid son #GreenleafOwn #Greenleaf.

Someone needs to hold a mirror up to Charity and let her see what stupid looks like #Greenleaf.

#Greenleaf #GreenleafOwn @MerleDandridge “A Mother’s Love, should have been the name of this episode. SMH that.

Okay Charity I’m mad at you now!!!!! ☹️☹️😩😩 @DeborahJWinans #Greenleaf.

Lady Mae. Ms. Lynn Whitfield. Phenomenal. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #Greenleaf.

THIS BITCH CHARITY!! Didn’t Lady Mae tell her ass that had to be kept in the family?! #Greenleaf.

@AHandfulOfPeace 美味しそう🤤 名古屋で食べてこれなかったものの、1つなんですよねー.

@MsLynnWhitfield one of the best actresses of all time. She can kill a drama scene at the drop of a hat! A LEGEND!!!!! #Greenleaf #GreenleafOWN @GreenleafOWN.

I cannot wait for Lady Mae to find out about Charity. She going to eat her ass UP #GreenleafOwn #Greenleaf.

Charity wants to be accepted and applauded so much by someone that’s she’s willing to take everybody down to get what she wants! #Greenleaf #GreenleafOWN @GreenleafOWN.

I’m sorry but were we not watching the same surveillance video? That was clearly Aj #Greenleaf #GreenleafOwn.

Well you know what they say evil communication corrupts good indoctrinating everybody into the insanity #Greenleaf.

I say now Grace I like you girl but you knew that was your son on that video! #Greenleaf.

That show stresses me out. But I love it. The messy family drama is just my jam. #Greenleaf.

Jacob better be calling Tasha next episode. He shoulda BEEN divorced Karissa ass. #greenleaf.

Man, the @GreenleafOWN family sure likes to get busy in the church building. 👀#Greenleaf.

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