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“I probably shouldn’t say this,” Gregg Popovich says. He leans into the microphone. “Nobody here…” Pause. “…should go to Vegas and bet on this team to win the championship.”.

Gregg moving like Aaron Long is prime Sergio Ramos. This team is clearly not in a position where he should be starting all 6 of our World Cup warm-up matches.

A USSF spokesperson says the Gio Reyna sub was not planned, per @PaulTenorio. Gregg Berhalter followed Reyna to the locker room after the substitution. #USMNT.

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@usmntonly Gregg preparing his speech on our dominance of ball possession in the second half.

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Gregg Berhalter told me at the break the timing of the Gio Reyna substitution was precautionary. Would not go into further detail. @FOXSoccer #usmnt.

Gio Reyna was subbed off as a precaution per Jenny Taft’s interview with Gregg Berhalter on the Fox Sports 1 broadcast. #USMNT.

Gregg Berhalter isn’t gonna change, guys. But the guy who is the USMNT manager will as soon as this WC is over..

Turners looked alright playing out, still wouldn’t shock me if gregg goes w Steffen tho.

whats next? is he gonna juggle the ball with his nutsack? goofy gregg should try to entertain us on the pitch and play some decent attacking football for fucks sake.

The silver lining to losing 3-0 to England is going to be Gregg going in USMNT history next to Steve Sampson and the 3-6-1..

@usmnt and Gregg looking like they want out of Qatar as fast as possible. Got that group exit energy working. @MaxBretosSports.

@ShalorC @11Yanks Some of our players have technical players but Gregg keeps playing our technical players with our not technical players. And I’m starting to believe we OVERRATE a lot of these players.

@TheHospitalBall I mean, Gregg has pleasantly surprised me with his ability to adapt to in-game disasters, but I’m not feeling really confident at the moment..

We’ve always liked Gregg. But one TD and 22 yards does not = a solid performance: unless you’re in a non-yardage, TD only league. You know good and well you’d be disappointed to get 8 points!.

@UWLCC Ethan Gregg wins individual title at Roy Griak Invitational with a time of 25 on the 8,000-meter course. Isaac Wegner fourth (25), Corey Fairchild 20th (26), Elias Ritzke 24th (26). UWL places second overall out of 29 teams..

Goodbye, old pal. You were a good friend and constant companion for 18-years. I hope you felt the same love and friendship that you gave to me. I hope you’re running around with your brother Lewis (yeah…Martin & Lewis), and being a kitty again. I love and miss you, Martin..

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Would rather Gregg bring out some proper selection tactics but alas, swag over success.

Gregg Berhalter told @FS1 that early substitution of Gio Reyna was “precautionary.” Nothing more specific. #USMNT #Qatar2022.

Best thing for @LUFC is for Gregg Berhalter to keep Brenden Aaronson on bench during this sleep walk of a #USMNT match..

Gregg is so uninspiring. Refuses to work with the talent he had and forces this disgusting system on all of us. #USMNT.

Ian Hest
Ian Hest

@dr0o0ne @ethanbudowsky About midway down is a good read. Basically the idea is that the pitch is divided into horizontal & vertical thirds to which each player is responsible for theirs. Then play out the back, maintain possession & shape, and slow play teams into opportunities.

Reyna wants nothing to do with Gregg as he leaves the pitch. Nobody has failed upwards more than Gregg Berhalter. Dude is gonna lead us to a group stage exit and somehow retain his job (Hint: his brother is former USSF COO and now MLS Exec. VP). US Soccer is a clown show 🤡.

This is not a Pulisic problem, it’s a Berhalter problem. We’ve seen this 80,000 times. Gregg clearly doesn’t want him in that spot. That is obviously insane and wrong and dumb as fuck, but it’s not Pulisic’s decision. That should be clear by now. #USMNT.


gregg araki really went from directing movies like mysterious skin and nowhere to directing tv episodes for 13 reasons why, riversale, and dahmer. the.

@chai_asc This is a W given how much better the US has looked in the second half. Do we think Gregg took much away from this?.

@ManagerTactical No idea what Gregg saw in him anyway. He has been garbage with his club too.

these games are going to count in less than two months and USMNT are getting cooked in every phase of this game by an extremely OK japanese team. gregg has got to be more convincing rn.

@NorthsideGooner Agreed, and I think Gregg’s fealty to his system and his guys are going to translate to a poor World Cup and the end of his tenure with the national team. I suppose managers are supremely confident and will happily go down with the ship.

@ReportYank Gregg Berhalter is not the guy. He refuses to see obvious faults in his player choices and tactics.

@usmntonly I’d like to think that’s Gregg coming to the realization of “what have I done???” But I don’t think he’s self-aware. This is him thinking he needs to give Long another match to boost his confidence..

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