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More infield gold with Ron Washington & Vaughn Grissom. Infielders - pay attention & take notes. Class is in session.🔥.

The Braves today optioned RHP Nick Anderson, INF Vaughn Grissom, INF Braden Shewmake, OF Jordan Luplow and OF Eli White to Triple-A Gwinnett, & reassigned LHP Danny Young, C Ryan Casteel, C Joe Hudson and INF Yolmer Sánchez to minor league camp. Atlanta now has 32 players in camp.

This certainly isn’t on Wash. When everyone doubted Grissom’s ability to play SS, he volunteered his time because he believed in the kid. Grissom got better this winter and he’s now an option. Doesn’t mean he’s the best option..

By the way, it’s completely logical to question having two guys on the left side of the infield with…limited range in Riley and Grissom. But that’s why I, and many others, thought they’d go acquire a real SS all winter. Not trusting Grissom and not adding a SS is a weird combo.

The Braves starting anyone but Grissom at shortstop is comical and flat-out wrong..


Some thoughts regarding why I think Shewmake could make the OD roster over Grissom. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the piano player.

Playing shortstop #11…Orlando Arcia? Clearly the #Braves felt that neither Shewmake or Grissom were ready for the everyday role..

Grissom isn’t playing shortstop again today and we talked a lot about that on the podcast..

it’s gonna be really upsetting when grissom, who worked his ass off all winter to get this job, gets his spot taken by someone who’s never touched the majors just cause he’s been hot during spring training.

@webtooncanvas The prettiest color blue for my boy Grissom from Limitless : Untold.

Grissom Photo,Grissom Photo by Pajama,Pajama on twitter tweets Grissom Photo

@CBSScottWhite Feel like there are so many late round/upside 2B targets that many target already (Vargas, Grissom, lowe, Marte, betts possibly?) that taking him in the back end of the 100 and stashing him on the IL seems like incredible value now.

@reach_baseball I mean, based on traditional logic, it was a little ridiculous for a contending team with allegedly lots of cash to turn to Grissom instead of signing one of the big-name SS. But here we are..

Does this have anything to do with Grissom being the only guy who doesn’t have a mega deal? You couldn’t possibly prove it does.

@DOBrienATL Sounds like Grissom is in the doghouse. Gotta be a reason your rookie ss hopeful is not playing at all during the spring. Weird.

@Nt_BurtReynolds @RotoClegg Best description I’ve seen is that Riley and Grissom both have limited range and with the shift banned, the Braves don’t love the idea of plying subpar left-side defense. But my instinct is there’s something under the surface we don’t know about.

@jase1129 Is this about the SS conversation? Just because Braden may (or may not) be opening day shortstop doesn’t mean Grissom won’t be starting by the time September/October rolls around. Maybe they just think he needs more everyday reps?.

i’m just dumbfounded like i absolutely do not understand why they would move down BOTH shewmake and grissom?? AA i try to trust u i rly do but idk.

#Braves fans … how are we feeling about the news? Grissom, Shewmake to AAA Arcia is the opening day SS.

@BeaneaterB Breaking: Shew and Grissom have been traded for Fernando Tatis Jr Inevitable AA master class for Mets fans 😢.

@DOBrienATL DOB - Is there any indication that Grissom is suffering from a minor injury that is keeping him off SS? This is so puzzling. Not getting him game reps if you are really considering him for opening day makes little sense..

@scottcoleman55 Grissom will be starting by April after Shewmake pulls his best Cristian Pache impression..

@RotoClegg TBF Grissom’s only been in the lineup once this span so I wouldn’t say it’s the end of the line to SS.

@RotoClegg I think Arcia is out and Grissom’s the guy. Shewmake is probably battling Arcia.

lets just put shewmake at shortstop and stick him at 9th in the lineup and pray he learns how to hit get grissom an outfielder’s glove and stick him in LF that way the lineup is set for the next 5 years.

From my home state of Florida: Jacob DeGrom Anthony Rizzo Manny Machado Pete Alonso Chris Sale Bo Bichette Nick Castellanos Vaughn Grissom Trey Mancini Trea Turner Lance McCullers *shoutout to HOF Chipper Jones too 😄*.

.@putemupcdukes & @MikeBellATL react to the Breaking News Orlando Arcia will the Braves Opening Day Shortstop with Braden Shewmake & Vaughn Grissom being optioned.


@BravesMILB Wonder if Rosario hitting well changed some? If you have upside you didn’t expect in LF you can stay safe at SS and let both guys grow in minors a little longer. Don’t need grissom’s potential at the plate as much you expected to?.

@mlbbowman what are the Braves doing? First time I’ve really questioned the GM. Grissom will learn nothing defensively that he already knows and he deserves to be the starting SS at the MLB level due to his bat, speed and athleticism. Not a good move today..

@the_stug0tz @YankeesFanEarl Grissom already played in the MLB so how does that even work.


@leprekhan It’s as simple as they couldn’t find a way to pull the trigger on one of the off-season options, floated Grissom as a smokescreen, and are hoping Arcia doesn’t cost them games while waiting on a midseason option..

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