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Andrew Gutman scored this stoppage-time winner for Atlanta United 😱 (via @MLS).

Amidst a flurry of activity, Andrew Gutman (@_andrewgutman_) of @ATLUTD scored the 2⃣0⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣th goal in the history of Major League Soccer. The official time of the goal scored was at 9:17:23 EST..

Gutman Photo,Gutman Photo by MLS Communications,MLS Communications on twitter tweets Gutman Photo

@RonaldoCM97 on Gutman’s goal: “There was a lot of emotion in that moment, I jumped off the bench…”.

Gutman Photo,Gutman Photo by Tyler Pilgrim,Tyler Pilgrim on twitter tweets Gutman Photo

Gutman says he and Dom were buried under the pile on the celebration. Was happy in that moment but also looked forward to being able to breath again.

¡Con este GOLAZO, Andrew Gutman lo ganó para el Atlanta United! 🚀.

Alan Franco: On defense doing better in the past few matches: “We’ve got incredible defenders and we just have to keep working.” Mentioned Gutman is a great outside back and they work well together. Said he was joking that Gutman just closed his eyes when he hit it 😂😂.

Gutman Photo,Gutman Photo by Tyler Pilgrim,Tyler Pilgrim on twitter tweets Gutman Photo

This makes it look like Gutman and Almada won the Showcase Showdown. #ATLUTD.

Gutman Photo,Gutman Photo by Paysoninho,Paysoninho on twitter tweets Gutman Photo

Chris Albright chimed in during Pat Noonan’s presser to say FCC was told Gutman “most likely was onside.” #FCCincy.

Gutman is a good man for #ATLUTD. The surname is well chosen for glory. This goal will surely be well remembered. In a season that will surely be very forgotten..

Another Gutman goal earns Atlanta United draw with Cincinnati.

@ATLUTD @_andrewgutman_ Gutman and Almada are the MVPs of 2022 both have been fantastic all year.


With Chris Albright chiming in from the back of the room during Pat Noonan’s presser, apparently FC Cincy was told by match officials Andrew Gutman’s goal for 2-2 was “most likely onside.” It was not reviewed on-field. W/ the tech available, Cincinnati didn’t like that response..

😱 Andrew Gutman with the match-winner in the 94th minute! #MLS @ATLUTD fans you okay?.

¡GOLAZO para llevarse los 3 puntos! Andrew Gutman le dio el triunfo al Atlanta United en los últimos suspiros del partido 🚀.

🔥 Andrew Gutman acaba de hacer esta locura sobre el final del juego para darle el triunfo al @ATLUTD.

@coreycapoccia @WilliamsBob75 My bad, I thought this comment was on the Gutman goal. I did not watch this gm cuz I don’t have Bien. Whoops..

Gutman came on late for Atlanta looked immediately impressive, his first pass was a beauty 70yds and I noticed him right away. his GWG was a real rocket and I cannot blame any Sounder a true cannonball. @hattrup_peter @BritVoxUS.

Greg Garza. George Campbell. Andrew Gutman. Caleb Wiley. #ATLUTD #LeftBackU.

@ProfarArcade Hell of a welcome back for Gutman. Maybe both our clubs can turn our seasons around and meet in the final 👍.

Miss Brown Is Upside Down!—Gutman, Dan, author. 2015 Juvenile Book | fiction items: 17 | circs: 632 | last circ: 5/2022 juvenile fiction schools,schools juvenile fiction,juvenile fiction teachers,teachers juvenile fiction,creative ability juvenile.

@DougRobersonAJC Gutman was so important to the team prior to his injury. Is he not starting because he is not in form?.

😮 DERROTA POR LA MÍNIMA DIFERENCIA PARA EL ZAGUERO TRICOLOR EN LA MLS 🇪🇨 Xavier Arreaga fue titular en el caída (2-1) del Seattle Sounders 🟢🔵 ante Atlanta United en la #MLS. ⚽️ Cisneros y Gutman para los dueños de casa y Roldán para los visitantes en el marcador final..

Gutman Photo,Gutman Photo by Radio Huancavilca 830AM,Radio Huancavilca 830AM on twitter tweets Gutman Photo

Another Gutman goal earns Atlanta United draw with Cincinnati.

If we make it to the playoffs this season. You gotta say that it was that moment from Gutman that gave us the push. Then you just gotta build the statue dam it. @ATLUTD #letsgo.

Andrew Gutman scores a banger for his first Atlanta goal as well as it being a last minute winner #USMNT.

@Ruben1904slb Beneficiou imenso de maus anos do maior de Inglaterra que era o Liverpool, até ao Wenger mudar o Arsenal ele nem competição tinha Não admira que na Europa era o que era Ele não foi melhor que o Sacchi, que o Rinnus Michels, aliás nem foi melhor que o Sr. Bella Gutman.

@ronaldpen_a He made a BAD decision putting in Ibarra when the defense including Sosa Franco and Purata were all in sync and had it locked down. Adding Gutman made sense but Ibarra was the cause of that goal - he’s just a step too slow and his first touch is barbaric.

🚨What a goal by Andrew Gutman to win it in the last minute for @ATLUTD #UniteAndConquer.

@JanKEliasson Det är också 30 år sedan journalisterna Ed Vulliamy, Penny Marshall, Ian Williams and Roy Gutman avslöjade det serbiska koncentrationslägret Omarska i Bosnien. Idag när utvecklingen i Bosnien åter är på väg åt fel o farligt håll är det som hände 1992-5 viktigt att minnas..

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