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uh oh. sleepy neko. you know what that means. time for me to go nini. may i habs headpats? pwease?.


had a dream last night that round one of the playoffs started and for some unknown extremely cursed reason we had to play the habs again. i was horrified.

@Hab_A_Cold_One A lot of the teams below us play each other multiple times, while the Habs will primarily br playing teams above them in the standings. Unless the Habs go on a tear, expect them to finish more than a few spots lower in the standings..

@ErikMeusel Habs gebau Dieser hier fehlt⬇️⬇️⬇️.

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@IanTayl31204920 @DrakeMT He’s not Gallagher’s replacement. He’s his own player. He’s a good player and the Habs are better with him..


@_RazaA_ Yeah same here but mostly bc the habs suck. Only other games I watch are oilers ones from time to time bc of Mcdavid.

“Sweary”Marian sounds a whole lot more edgy than “Sweaty” Marian, hahahahahaha! However, my sweary nature is urged on by Habs losses and bad driving…💥💥🔥.

@EmKafterdark You know what this is a good point. Know the signs of a habs loss 😭😭.

@LalimesMartian Also thanks for the tank bro that’s what habs fan want, have fun getting the 13th overall pick. I just don’t get how sens fans think they can talk. You can’t even sell out ur building in a Canadian market. No one cares about ur team bro.

@IanTayl31204920 @DrakeMT I’m excited to see RHP be the new sparkplug of this Habs team - he can play any line..

@fuckyeahdonsko1 @FalkenaugeM Dankeschön, ich habs wunderschön hier 🥰.

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@DevilsInsiders That clown tried to tell me and others that the best CHL team would kill Slafkovsky’s team last year when he was adamant that the Habs were taking Wright instead of Slafkovsky. That comment alone confirmed that he had absolutely no clue about the game of hockey.

@JayGold85 bruins have a few real chots vs habs over years . was it chara who killed kovalev ? didnt someboy else rupatioretty into bar on bench too lol.

What goes unnoticed way too much is that the Habs whiffed on their third overall pick, managed to get a first after telling him to fuck off and then immediately pissing away the pick on Christian Dvorak lmao.

@LustKrapfen oh dings habs gerade verwechselt, Zahl erstmal nur die 30€ und geh gar nicht auf die ein, die können nur weitere mahnungen schicken, alles easy, die machen nur druck.

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@gb_nadeau @SensCentral After tonight all habs fan will be able to think about is good ol Timmy.

@hockey_db @HockeyTomorrow Men’s medium, Suzuki from the Habs. Thanks for the opportunity!.

@keepingkarlsson @ShortShiftsKK Watched the Habs/Sens game and Suzuki/Dach are just fine fantasy wise. 👍.

@ask_aubry That is quite disturbing. Signs of an abuser or worse. Probably someone who was abused himself..

@JeffMarek how’s about something original and imo supremely cool? Picture this. Saturday night on HNIC. Leafs v Habs. Retired jersey night. Players get to pick or are chosen to wear a retired jersey number for one game only. The imagery would be incredible. @FriedgeHNIC.

@Senators The loser Habs fans come out thanking for the tank. Only losers cheer for their team to lose..

@Olaf61825429 jetzt schon? Bist du denn schon aus ostrhauderfehn zurück??? Auf alle Fälle, habs gut mit deinen Mädels☘️☘️☘️🐭.

@LeeHaire4 Depends if the Habs would be willing to eat salary and even then, not much unless a bad salary came back in return.

Really nice night tonight. Was also 2 for 3 on the only one I missed! ✅️🥳.

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@CaufieldHabs2 Ok so just assume the habs will fuck up. Cuz that’s what you want, so you can keep fucking complaining like a baby..

@SensCrave @EverydaySens What rivalry? This is a 26th place rebuilding team playing a 22nd place team. Habs had an AHL squad with 11 forwards and fans are cheering for them to lose..

@Habs_Fan_NJ Only texture tortillas for me … what am I saying Hard is the only way lol.


@SensCrave @EverydaySens hope the rebuild will be done before the habs. would be a great rivalry..

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