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Are Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney Destined to Fight this Year? 🔮

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Morley🌺 ()

That Instagram poster boy Ryan Garcia has literally frauds a 20-0 record by fighting absolute nobodies throughout his career😭the way he talks is wild. Devin Haney Gervonta Davis Lomanchenko Luke Campbell Fight any of these and the little boy gets slept.

Robbie Davies Jr ()

Devan Haney - Ryan Garcia are both Let that sink in 😮. 🥊🌎💰 👏👏👏

Andrew G ()

@AndyP792 The fucking state of these self entitled boxers. In front of BHop telling him how it is! If Haney was doing that where BHop learnt his trade he would have been stabbed with a sharpened toothbrush and got his salad tossed before he could blink!

кira obsidian nix ()

кажется мне нужно создать комикс и дать ему название Haney and Bunny, спасибо мой любимый генератор идей – Хену @OfficialMonstaX



Oscar Juarez ()

fight HANEY first, TEOFIMO, and THEN TANK TBH. Don’t go straight for Tank

BoxmanSteve ()

@BensonSilver23 They fought a fair few times and both beat each other but I believe Haney had the edge. He won the last fight 3-0

Gary Graham ()

@BramichMichael @SteveBoxman Garcia has really impressed me last two Mike - better than I thought - boxes well, obviously has real power, lovely left hook. Thought Haney would beat him for sure in the pros., not so sure now! Love to see it this year.

Deco mcneill ()

@TM14_2014 I know haney is young aswell but thats not what i kid looks like hes gonna turn into a beast

Deco mcneill ()

@TM14_2014 Quality shot mate. Haney should take a leaf outta mayweathers book with fight him now while hes still young and never go near him again lol

Vincent ()

Bro politics are stressing me out. I think I’m just gonna open up a portal to the fucking Studio Ghibli universe and hang out there for a while.

Kenny C. ()

@_iiReal Im not saying Loma isnt is! But im not ready to crown him as the standard bearer at hasnt fought any real dawgs , Lopez, Haney, even are all runs that gaunlet at 35-36 yrs old ..ill crown

Boxing Bubble ()

Devin Haney wants Mikey Garcia at 140

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AT WAR® ()

@Mr_FrankBanks You gotta remember tho Ryan’s only 21 tank is 25 they not gonna make that fight for a few years. And before that he has to fight devin Haney who’s also 21 and he’s nasty. If he beats Haney he can beat tank, I think he does both. Tank overrated bro

🔱 ()

Devin haney will beat the dog shit out of Ryan Garcia. Homeboy the real deal

DocPistola ()

@MikeCoppinger You are so right Haney cause you have defeated massive opposition in Santiago and Antonio moran, both P4P wtf buddy u trippin


@Brandon80542594 He need to fight Haney lemme put you on tho. Errol Spence, jermell and Jermall charlo, chris Colbert, jarron ennis, inoue (don’t know his first name off my head)

Eric Alexander ()

Haney’s father got some balls to talk to Bernard like that 👀

IiReal ()

@Kc4orreal I know you value # of fights but Loma has more championship fights than almost everyone barring Canelo and Pacquiao right now! He is HoF already. Whats at stake is how high he ranks depending on how he fares vs Lopez, Haney, and possibly Shakur

Alex Sican ()

@jeffwar007 @MikeCoppinger Will take so long to happen, because everyone wants a big pay day, that’s what they deserve when they risk there lives in the ring. Haney is gonna be a star if he continues and so is Ryan, why fight now for hundreds of thousands when they could make multimillion in a few years?

智慧 ()

@MidnightOhms With comp like Gervonta, Haney, Shakur, Teofimo, etc etc., it feels like Oscar doesn’t even think ryan can fight


@DanielBueno2K19 I’m kind of thinking that as well. DLH wants Garcia and Haney to be a megafight.

Rob Ray ()

@_garciapita I got Haney. Mikey needs to look real good against Vargas for me to get back on that train.

L Lichota ()

@FSalazarBoxing I 💯 would love to see it as much as you. Just doubt it will happen. I was referring to the promoters not trying to look for an 0 in either guys will keep them away from tough fights as long as possible. I don’t have a favorite for this today it was Haney

Jim cottrell ()

@DAZN_USA @MatchroomBoxing He wants to fight Haney so bad he put 3 guys names before his 😂😂

Adriana ()

@DAZN_USA Bro really went back and forth with Haney longer than he actually fought ffs

Zach ()

Absolutely ridiculous 1st round KO performance by @KingRyanG - congrats & cant wait to see the matchup with Haney!


[DAMN] D. Haney Tells BHOP To His Face Ryan KO A Nobody & Will Never via @YouTube

Mike Coppinger ()

I asked Devin Haney if Ryan Garcia is ready to fight him. He responded that Garcia will never be ready fighting guys like Francisco Fonseca #GarciaFonseca

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Are Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney Destined to Fight this Year? 🔮

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