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Since Dallas is in the spirit of brining guys back. Hankins might be just as (if not more important) than LVE. Or at least someone Hankins like. Imperative to keep him clean..

Cowboys free agency update: Re-signed: Donovan Wilson Gone: Connor McGovern, Luke Gifford Unsigned: L. Vander Esch, D. Schultz, C. Rush, D. Fowler, Goodwin, J. McQuaide, A. Brown, N. Brown, J. Hankins, Hilton, A. Barr, J. Peters, M. Overton, C. Watkins, B. Maher..

FA update: Signed: D. Wilson, L. Vander Esch Trade: S. Gilmore Gone: C. McGovern (Buf), L. Gifford (Ten), N. Brown (Hou) Unsigned: D. Schultz, C. Rush, D. Fowler, Goodwin, J. McQuaide, A. Brown, J. Hankins, Hilton, A. Barr, J. Peters, M. Overton, C. Watkins, B. Maher.

🗣️Bring Johnathan Hankins Back Please & Thank You🙏🏽.

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3 (realistic) Free Agents & Draft Picks I believe would take the Dallas Cowboys to top contender status in 2023 FA ✭ Bobby Wagner ✭ Chark Jr. ✭ Johnathan Hankins Draft Picks ✭ Jaxon Smith-Njigba ✭ Zach Charbonnet ✭ Siaki Ika.

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@SkywalkerSteele If the Cowboys resign Hankins, I won’t say another mean thing about Stephen Jones (this off-season).

STUFF IT! #Cowboys 1 Big Need on Defense? 1 Big Move: Calais Campbell vs. Jonathan Hankins via @DallasCowboysFN.

@calvinwatkins Go get Hankins and Carlos Watkins, maybe a tight end and then draft free as hell. This draft is going to be fun.

If we could sign Caleis Campbell or re-sign Hankins prior to the draft man would I feel great heading into April. Not that I don’t already, but damn that would be monstrous for us! How we feeling now Cowboys Nation! I applaud the FO this off-season we’re cookin now!.

@jonmachota Get me a Jonathan Hankins type, a pure run stuffer and that defense can take on any offense in the league.

@DiabeticTyler I prefer A’shawn Robinson. Too many games where Hankins underperformed..

@BloggingTheBoys A big addition on Offense and Defense, signed our own guy. Great job! Now let’s go get tha RB. And re-sign Hankins.

@VochLombardi 1000%. Great job by them. If they could just resign Hankins and possibly upgrade LG via trade or FA before the draft, we will be sitting pretty..


@Too_MuchCamber Hankins or A’Shawn completely agree they need a big inside precense. I would also try to sign Ioannidis but that’s just me..

@SpaceCowboyMED Hankins and Wagner and I won’t be able to control my excitement for this season..

#CowboysNation feeling these moves, best offseason in a long time! Get me Hankins and another LB and can draft BPA. Solid moves..

@borrachoz_ @BloggingTheBoys I think they would be best resigning Hankins & grabbing a LB like Morrow then getting into the draft needing IOL.

@SkywalkerSteele Brandon Cooks is excellent. And the price is right. Can we sign Fowler, Hankins, Isaac Seumalo (FA-OG)... Thus opening the door to a true BPA draft?.

@Marcus_Mosher They need to re-sign Hankins and Peters and draft IOL in the first. Either O’torrence or Avila..


@J_will_29 resigning Hankins and drafting a DT sounds pretty sound. I think Will McClay will cook once again.

Top 5 roster in football. Go re-sign Hankins in the interior and then go cook in the draft.

Truly now in the draft it @dallascowboys go resign Hankins and I think this team now is complete.

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@SteveOcspydor Im worried about offense - letting Zeke go who was a damn good blocker too. But we need and I’m assuming they re-sign Hankins 🙏🏼🙏🏼.

@clarencehilljr Maybe get Hankins back? Fill thru draft most likely but hard for a rookie to make a huge difference at that spot..

@clarencehilljr Bring back Hankins! Draft a big body in the first 3 rounds of the draft.

@KDDrummondNFL GREAT WRITEUP AS USUAL KD! great signing I think they will add the 2 void years if they already havent. Hankins watkins next up..

@SpaceCowboyMED Any idea on the projected cost for Hankins ? Assume it would be rather cheap.

Cooks to the Cowboys for a 5th is a great deal. I like the Cowboys are plugging holes prior to the draft which should give them great flexibility in who they have to pick. Need to add a run stuffer in the middle of the d-line, but maybe bring back Hankins and then draft bpa..

Cowboys got the play makers but you win in the I want to see Cowboys resign Hankins and get Calais Campbell.

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