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Even when the stoppage is fine you can see how shitty and indecisive Herb Dean is my god.

Listen i wait in the wings to slander Herb Dean at any given opportunity. And i lost money. But he stepped in right when he needed to on that one lol.

@DieHardMMAPod Yep, it’s called the ‘Herb Dean stoppage’. He does it nearly every time, not decisive enough. #UFCVegas54.

Manny Torres, sick power. Calculating strikes. Great call by Herb Dean to end the fight. #UFCVegas54.

Hate those indecisive stoppages from Herb Dean. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND OR MOVE OUT THE WAY !! #UFCVegas54.

Camacho looked to be in a position to defend himself but dumbo Herb Dean calls the #UFCVegas54.


Can we fire Herb Dean already? Holy what a bad stoppage. I’d take Angela Hill not being cut to get Herb the fuck away from the octagon #UFCVegas54.

@richiemgr @Afterma14189755 If u watch the replay he went straight to guard after the knockout down. How tf herb dean call that smfh.

@ufc Dude dominated but 💯 early stoppage and how the UFC hasn’t fired herb dean is BAFFLING. He has ruined so many fighters chances at a career due to terrible stoppages. Even in MASSIVE champion fights. How is he still a ref??.

@richiemgr Questionable. That said, stoppages that are too late or too early hallmark of Herb Dean. #UFCVegas54.

#UFCVegas54 herb dean doing what he do best… but holy fuck, manuel torres put on a masterclass for as long as it lasted.

Am I the only one who can see how bad Herb Dean has gotten? No controversy in that Torres fight, but it’s like he steps in to stop the fight, but never commits to it, and when he realises he’s in between the fighters, it’s too late and he has to call it. #UFCFightnight.

Camacho a fucking bum can’t finish a takedown and is so worried about defence he doesn’t throw anything and fucking Herb Dean can’t decide to stop the fight, horrible stoppage.

Herb dean is a Terrible ref dude… I don’t see how you guys say he’s so good. That was an early stoppage as FUCK..

O Herb Dean é sempre confuso, ou termina cedo demais, ou demora demais. #UFCnoCombate.

@MikeChandlerMMA @DustinPoirier Somebody tell Herb Dean to wave this one off. This verbal exchange is over. Michael Chandler by KO!.

Herb Dean sempre no para-não-para mas lutas. Pelo menos dessa vez ele parou, as vezes ele decide no meio que tem espaço pra mais e fode tudo..

@ufc herb dean be tripping .. gotta give folks a chance or some idk maybe I’m tripping but bro be stopping them mfs fast as hell.

Qué chido por Torres, pero para variar Herb Dean paró la pelea antes de tiempo..

@FellowsMark Herb Dean stepped in as Cruz said ... he literally just nonchalantly steps in. Good stoppage but show some authority lol..

Why does it look like Herb Dean goofed again. Maybe he didn’t, but looked like early stoppage even though I believe Torres would have still finished convincingly #UFCVegas54.

Once again Herb Dean stands over a fighter not knowing whether or not he is going to end the fight. #UFCVegas53.

I think herb dean is unable to control his body when a knock down He doesnt wanna to stop fight, but his body is already there.

Annnnnndd Camacho gets KO’d again, plus Herb Dean with a Herb Dean type stoppage. #UFCVegas54.

Herb Dean usually be letting bammas get actually stopped that fight a lil early/maybe right on time.

Herb Dean PLEASE you either go and stop the fight, or you stay looking, don’t go in and stutter bro #UFCVegas54.

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