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Genuinely not sure if IKF was trying to make it easier for Gallo to score or if he thought the throw would come home, regardless fuck it great job by those two & Higgy to get this thing tied.

Gary Sanchez who has been a bad defender, bad hitter and overall negative player this year wouldn’t help the Yankees neither, FYI, just let Trevino and his insane defense have more starts and call up Ben right away, trade or option higgy atp.

This game counts as a W no matter what, because we owned Liam Hendricks again, Higgy got an RBI, and Gallo got on base twice.

Fuckin pathetic. Higgy was never like the best hitter but he never looked this bad. FFS..

Ugh IKF really blew our chance to take the lead. That was a bad play but great job by Higgy..

I feel like we were too hyped during the streak to see this, but we have some serious offensive holes in our lineup. Gallo and HIGGY especially.

@RiverAveBlues Higgy is a back up ...nothing in a shared role with rhe right guy but not sure that guys around ...Sounds like Wells is raking but not ready defensivrly so i can see yhem give Rortved a shot when hes ready plus hes a lefty bat.

@BryanHoch I hope he does. Maybe they’d actually feel incentive to try and make the offense better instead of batting a terrible Trevino/Higgy platoon at the bottom of the line up.

@LineupBeisbol45 El problema es que Higgy le cae bien a Boone y los nerds de la oficina y ya no tiene opciones de Liga menor. Ese sería el movimiento adecuado porque Treviño es un maestro detrás del home..

@YankeesSlut I think the problem is the offense disappearing and the blame should go to the guys that get paid to carry the offense not Higgy..

@aMANinMANHATTAN @GinaMuscato Higgy hit a sac fly Gallo scored and Ikf was trying to advance but the ball was cut off and he got out at 3rd dumb move by this dumbass.

For all the hate Higgy gets, I would like to remind you all how WELL he does behind the plate when chapman is pitching… imagine trying to catch that unpredictable arm… #RepBx.

#Yankees chapman been suspect all year it was bound to come back and haunt the Yankees and why not pinch hit for higgy makes no sense!.

@BarstoolHubbs Know it worked out but Boone not pinch hitting Marwin for Higgy and not leaving Holmes in was baffling.

How dumb is Boone - first he lets Higgy bat with Gonzales on the bench then he lets Chapman pitch us out of the game with no one even warming up - what a clueless manager.

@massielbeisbol Massiel Higgy bateó un fly para Dp 7-5-6. Y Gallo entró por el pisa y corre..

@Yankees Higgy can’t hit for crap, his uppercut method isn’t working. He got lucky on that at bat.

My Higgy tied the game!!!!!! I LOVE my catcher 🥰 #RepBX #Yankees.

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A little too aggressive from IKF trying to advance to 3B but nice job by Higgy tying the game at least.

Bottom order In the 9th down 1. Gallo leadoff walk. IKF base hit. Higgy sac fly. Everyone contributed. Everyone doing their job. Tie game. Here we go!.

@corinhoggard @RiverAveBlues Yeah because passed balls is the one defensive metric we have. Gary is gone. Get over it. He sucked and the GM agrees with me. Yes Higgy and Trevino suck too. We’re arguing over bad vs total shit. Gimme the superior defense if that’s the case.

@BryanHoch Well you keep throwing Higgy, Hicks and Donaldson and you’ve done 33% of the job for the Jays.

@CtTank99 I’m mostly fine with the bad offense as long as the defense is elite. The defense with Higgy hasn’t, that’s the issue..

@DanAlanRourke Dan, regardless regardless, Higgy needs to just be benched, cut, traded, cut again. Who knows, maybe he should just go up there without a bat in his hand.

@90syankskid Higgy hit so well in Spring Training because he was hitting off Minor League pitching… where he should be hitting off of the whole season. He ain’t ready for the Bigs..

Higgy is actually the worst baseball player right now. Austin Wells would be hitting better.

I’m not being dramatic when i say that higgy might the worst player I’ve ever seen.

Higgy looks uninterested in even hitting. I’ve seen NL hitters with more intent to hit..

@andrew46409669 @RiverAveBlues I can objectively say that 10% below average offensive production so far this season, and 12% above average offensive production for his career is not worthy of the cursing description you gave. I can objectively say Gary was better per capita on passed balls than Higgy..

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