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@m3anderthal @wil_da_beast630 Like bill Clinton for rape or Hillary Clinton destroying evidence in an investigation. Banana Republics protect their friends and attack their Enemies.

Skeleton Crawls from Hillary Clinton’s Closet, Gets Trump Off the Hook in New York Case.

@larryelder Last year Hillary Clinton quietly settled a campaign finance violation over starting the Russia Hoax in 2016 and reporting the expense of funding the Russian sourced *Steele Dossier* expense as legal services. Clinton paid a small fine and was never arrested!.

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El Occidente postmoderno; post 1945 y especialmente post 1990, es algo absolutamente abominable y detestable. Nada que defender allí. Es la muerte y el nihilismo más profundo. Cualquier cosa es mejor que Bill y Hillary Clinton, Obama, Biden o los Bush. Además de Macron o Merkel..

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