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Capel should bring Hinson back with 2 fouls. You can’t wait. This is danger zone territory..

Glad we got to see Sean Miller as a child dribble for the six millionth time on TV instead of a Blake Hinson made three pointer.

Watching Greg Elliott and Blake Hinson be in drop coverage in the rare PnR in which they are the screeners defender the last two games just let’s you know how prepared the team is..

Pitt just doesn’t have the scorers to keep up with Xavier. Burton and Hinson need to be lights out and it’s just not happening sadly. Love the play of the twins..

Xavier came in the best in the NCAA in assists 11 assists on 13 made FG, they move the ball really well -Pitt lacking communication on D down 30-24 at 7:53, Hinson with 2 fouls.

Hinson misses a three and Colby takes the board end to end to put X up 16-15. While I was typing, Colby drills a triple. The teams are a combined 2-9 from three, keeping up the trend of tough rims here in Greensboro. Muskies up 21-15; Capel calls timeout..

Xavier outscored #Pitt 11-2 while Blake Hinson was on the bench for about 2:30 with two fouls..

With Federiko on the bike and Hinson sitting for four minutes after picking up his second foul, the Diaz Graham twins saw a decent amount of time on the floor together..

Nelly and Burton combined 4-14… improve that, let Hinson cook, and play some defense. #H2P.

Bet 1-player prop, the kids got 2 fouls and Hinson is already anchored to the pine. Always good to stay in your lane lol..

Second foul on Blake Hinson. This one could get a little lopsided here in the next 8 minutes..

Blake Hinson now with two fouls as Nunge will go to the line. Hinson leads Pitt with seven points..

@CycloneLarry69 The only thing that can save Pitt now is Hinson jacking up threes. 🤣😆.

@frazmoney93 GDG is the only one getting back. Burton, Hinson and Elliot are getting caught ball watching..

@Stephen_Gertz @PantherLair The only way they get back into this game is making shots, quality or not. Sitting Hinson and letting that lead swell make zero sense. Nelly abysmal 0-5 3 turnovers won’t win games.

Burton, Nelly, and Hinson need to step it up if they want any shot in this thing. Although its not gonna matter when Xavier is shooting over 60 percent from the field..

Blake Hinson just picked up his second foul as we head into a media timeout with 7:53 left in the first half. Guillermo is playing well again, but Xavier has scored 18 of its 30 in the paint. Musketeers up 30-24. #Pitt.

Darius McGhee with the early hit 🫡 now back to sweating ( like we always do with Hinson ) 😅.

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Blake Hinson is one of the best tough shot makers in all of college basketball. Dude is a bucket..

Bringing a double and turning away from the second defender fading towards the baseline…yeah Blake Hinson is super tough #Pitt.

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