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@CoachShiffman Flexibility in the hips. Too many guys playing too high. Going to be fixed by season! #hogfbchat.

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A1: Any drill that I can’t coach efficiently to where we will get better and apply it to in game situations #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4: Always working on 1st as the great @cometfb1Irvin taught us, “if your first step is wrong, you can’t be right” constantly working first steps of our zone and Gap stuff. #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4) Definitely posture and movement in the box. We do a hip mobility circuit every day in the offseason that we’ve seen big results flexibility-wise. Kids also have a problem taking too long of steps and we drill into them taking a thousand steps during a play. #hogfbchat.

If anybody has any questions or topics they would like discussed on the last two #hogfbchat of the year, please do not hesitate to DM myself or @CoachDingus and we will get them up!.

Enjoyed it as always, if any of y’all wanna talk some ball, I’m always up to exchange some ideas and learn! Best community in coaching #hogfbchat.

Please remember to always follow your fellow coaches for weekly chats and daily collaborations! Respect the game and the game will respect you #Hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4: maintaining proper posture thru movement. Big guys don’t naturally bend and until it’s habit always an issue. #hogfbchat.

A4 need to improve on our pass sets. Pad level isn’t there right now. It has gotten a lot better since the beginning of the summer, but still needs improvement #hogfbchat.

A4: sorry I’m late to the party tonight. Homework. To keep on their “track” and get vertical. #Hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman Angle of the run until contact is made, then push up field and square up then! #hogfbchat.

A4: getting them to understand how and why their bodies move the way that do. #Hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4) Bringing our hips. Engaging and leaning was a big issue, worked tirelessly on making contact and bringing our hips while running our feet and finishing blocks this spring. #Hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4) Dropping the hips before blocking a defender on a screen play. They want to run full bore hips high #hogfbchat.

A4-Playing too tall , I’m blessed that all my lineman are very athletic , I constantly tell them we don’t wanna look like a bunch of fat guys running around - look athletic I tell them watch the NFL Combine Drills and tell me those guys don’t move like great athletes #hogfbchat.

A4: Biggest issue for movement is flexibility that affects leverage as well as proper steps due to the process of a quick install #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4) Teaching the movement patterns for wide zone early on. However I’ve been pleased and impressed with our improvement over the past couple of weeks. They’re starting to grasp it. #hogfbchat.

A4: flexibility as well. We added in hurdle drills in pre-practice to address hip mobility, and it has helped quite a bit #hogfbchat.

A4: fixing wasted movements. Training the eyes to read defenders faster. Understanding the importance of that initial drive. #Hogfbchat.

A4) getting players to understand anticipated fills and fits as it relates to back path and getting how flat they need to get to be where they will be not are. Came up wing-t and it was big last few crops struggled with concept #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A3: They keep wanting to raise up when the drive or zone block. Gotta work on keeping the hips lower. #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman Flexibility in the hips. Too many guys playing too high. Going to be fixed by season! #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4: Trusting their steps! Especially on OZ. Rule is: Butt goes away, Face is coming to you.” Some guys still want to chase outside their responsibility. #hogfbchat.

A4: overall flexibility has been a big issue. Been trying to work hip flexibility with my guys for years #hogfbchat.

A4: flexibility is often an issue. We have been working hard to become more flexible and improve our hip hinge. #hogfbchat.

A3: slowing down our seniors so we as coaches can develop our depth better. They haven’t quite mastered the foundation but they think they are ready to move onto scheme. #Hogfbchat.

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