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A4: I never did this. I was a grinder. Bad. Anxiety and high BP hit me. I had to find something to occupy my time. Cooking and reading has helped. #hogfbchat.

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Thanks @CoachShiffman and @CoachDingus for shedding light on such an important topic for everybody, not just coaches. We need to focus on our off field health more than the on field health. We can’t have on field clarity without clarity off the field. #HogFbChat.

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A1 - As a soon to be father (15 days) I’m realizing it’s not about me more than ever! Time to think about the next 30 years so he’s good! #HogFbChat.

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@harper_coach Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life! #hogfbchat.

As always, if anybody has any questions or topics they would like discussed on a future chat, PLEASE do not hesitate to DM myself or @CoachDingus and we will get to them as soon as we can! #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4) Read, spend time with family or something to keep my mind off of football! Adding in workouts has been extremely beneficial to the mental health/sleeping. #hogfbchat.

A4. Read non football books. #10minutewalks Movies. Classical music. Talk to a pretty girl. #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4: The coaches and I ould meet with players throughout the season. Individual meetings and captains meetings. We would also do team building events and I would try to talk to players about non-sports specific stuff as much as possible to get to know them. #Hogfbchat.

A4) My wife and I do counseling twice a month and i do personal counseling once a #hogfbchat.

A4: spend time with family, relax as much as possible and simply watch games (College/NFL) as a fan of the game #hogfbchat.

Coaches: We have implemented some 3D Coaching at Shawnee. Remember everyone has a story and it’s your job to find out their story. Find out your kids story. One on one talking about them their life. It will enrich your coaching. #hogfbchat.

A4: I definitely need to go to church and read my devotionals. The next biggest thing is spending time with my wife. She levels me out. When my baby girl comes in a month, she’ll be my next biggest aide in what I turn to for my mental health #HogFbChat.

#Hogfbchat weight loss challenge idea: Starting March 1 and continuing for 3 months. Highest percentage of weight lost over the time is the winner! Weekly weigh-in sent directly to me and I will track via excel and post in a google drive with everyone involved. #hogfbchat.

A4: I never did this. I was a grinder. Bad. Anxiety and high BP hit me. I had to find something to occupy my time. Cooking and reading has helped. #hogfbchat.

A4 take some time with my wife and just relax. No football, no work. Just relaxing. We’ll also go see whatever Marvel movie is out as a good escape. Also golf #HOGFBCHAT.

A4: I try to get right spiritually. Either listening to podcasts or videos from my church along with attending mass. I will use meditation and actually did it with my offense before games towards the end of the season. I also play music or listen to music to unwind. #hogfbchat.

A4: Going out for a post game meal with the wife, reading and listening to podcasts (mostly football related), Saturday’s are the hang out day with the wife, sometimes it’s shopping or out to eat, sometimes a movie, sometimes just relaxing at home #hogfbchat.

A4: I don’t have trouble too much there, I enjoy the grind and the intensity of it. I’m lucky to be on a staff that does a great job of keeping things in perspective. Great head coach and great assistants that enjoy being around one another. I’m lucky. #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4: Exercise, sing in the shower to some 80s tunes or Boyz II Men, laugh with family including fellow coaches, have fun with kids. Just be you. Remember why we played football in the first place. #HogFbChat.

A4) When I lived in a city, I’d go for walks and listen to podcasts. Helped to clear my mind, breathe etc. Haven’t done it since I’ve moved to a farm. But since then, mostly spend time with my wife! #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4- Lots of reading,garage be able to disconnect. Saturday from 8am- kids bedtime is family. I trade film and watch a little early, but 8am hits and I’m making breakfast for everyone. Kids to bed, time for wife and once she’s out, I’ll watch/grade #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman A4: I read crime-novels in-season, just to keep the edge off. And walking the dog - or tug-o-war, or whatever - is a definite energy-bucket filler. And started a more disciplined literally in my closet prayer time in the morning before I get my girls up for school. #hogfbchat.

A4. Mentioned it before but time management is huge. So many guys makes excuses to work more than needed. Dont chase ghosts. Make sure you take care of you. #hogfbchat.

@CoachShiffman Occasionally I say out loud “it’s just high school football” - kind of a mantra when things get stressful. Saturday is family day. A couple non-football events with coaching staff and/or players help too. #hogfbchat.

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