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From the page, to the screen, to your home. Celebrate #BatmanDay with @hbomax 🦇

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James Vincent
James Vincent ()

i turned my phone into a godless monstrosity and you can too !!

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shachar ◟̽◞̽ #nma
Shachar ◟̽◞̽ #nma ()

ok i’m gonna show off my new home screen with all the widget stuff

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𝓂𝑒𝑔 ⁷🧚🏼‍♀️
𝓂𝑒𝑔 ⁷🧚🏼‍♀️ ()

Kind of loving my Home Screen now I’ve changed it 2738329 times

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teuta²⁸ ♡’s ale˚
Teuta²⁸ ♡’s ale˚ ()

guys i finally finished my home screen layout<333 what do you think!?

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Batman ()

From the page, to the screen, to your home. Celebrate #BatmanDay with @hbomax 🦇


#AMBERAlert! Armaidre was last seen at home in Wells, #Texas on September 18, 2020. He was last seen wearing a diaper.

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Aly! ()

the american school system rn is so fucked, we have to stare at a computer screen for 6+ hours just to attend school and then continue to look at our screens for hours on end to do our homework, all while balancing our home life, sleeping schedule, and mental health

Google ()

With iOS 14, you have an easier way to access your Google apps & get more done on your iPad & iPhone. Learn how → ✔️ Add a Google Search Widget to your home screen ✔️ Set Chrome as your default browser ✔️ Set Gmail as your default email app (coming soon)

EDM Switzerland ➡️ Jawz (43%)
EDM Switzerland ➡️ Jawz (43%) ()

HOW TO CHANGE APP ICONS: Shortcuts -> Click + -> Add Action -> Search Open App -> Choose -> Type App Name -> Add to Home Screen -> Name App -> Click Icon -> Choose Photo -> Click Add -> Go to Home Screen -> Send Real App to App Library -> Replace with Shortcut Hope this helps!!

Sandra ()

tak jak nie bylam przekonana do ios14 tak teraz ulozylam sobie caly home screen na nowo i bardzo mi sie podoba hihi

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Sept 16, 2020, marked 1 year since 5-year-old Dulce Alavez was abducted from a park in Bridgeton, New Jersey. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, @BridgetonPD and the @FBI are seeking the public’s help to bring Dulce home.

☆sam☆ ()

very big fan of the new home screen stuff which android has had for years now

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ella 🩰
Ella 🩰 ()

omg when you open a folder on your phone it disappears from your home screen look

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Peter Henderson
Peter Henderson ()

Post your #iOS14 Home Screen. I am loving the widgets cc @cremnob

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Danny Townsend
Danny Townsend ()

@AleagueHub @SbudRanger He’s a good player & is visiting a few clubs in Europe at present. The screen image is something they do to make him feel at home. Good to see another Sydney FC Academy youngster with a chance of a pro contract in Europe.

Kendall ()

since everyone is sharing their home screen, here’s mine 😌

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Honey⁷ IN生 ☀️필릭스☀️
Honey⁷ IN生 ☀️필릭스☀️ ()

since we’re showing our new home screen with the ios 14 update here’s mine 😗

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kish 🌙
Kish 🌙 ()

updated!!! hehe patingin ako ng home screen niyo mangongopya lang ako ng layout chour

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Carlo Aquino 🏳️‍🌈
Carlo Aquino 🏳️‍🌈 ()

To those people who have problems with the iOS 14 photos widget, I suggest downloading a third-party app “Photo Widget”. You can manually select the photo you want to display on the home screen widget 😍 Retweet to save a life. Chos. #iOS14

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sera | nab 🥁💛
Sera | nab 🥁💛 ()

imagine when the game released and you can see your oshi saying good night! to you on your home screen

alex/nini 🧸
Alex/nini 🧸 ()

someone organize my home plz 😔✋🏻 ive already spent hours 😿

daisy ♥️😈
Daisy ♥️😈 ()

no need to have the apps on the home it’s all in the app this is all i’ve ever wanted 🥺

Alex Márton
Alex Márton ()

@dreszer @gklka Így lesz elég nagy a touch target. Plusz így vizuálisan jobban szétválik a dock a home screen iconoktól. Sürű lenne ha odaraknál mondjuk egy full-width widgetet legalulra.

millie²⁷ ♡’s dobby sm🥤
Millie²⁷ ♡’s dobby sm🥤 ()


Dirk ()

ich hab grad unheimlichen Hass auf Widget auf den Home Screen verschoben und dadurch wurden alle meine Ordner aufgelöst und die Apps über sämtliche Seiten verteilt.

Sanj 💫
Sanj 💫 ()

Ughhhhh I wish ipados14 allowed widgets to be placed anywhere in the home screen. They keep giving us useless updates.

S(ter)illium ()

Das Anordnen von Apps und Widgets auf dem Home Screen ist sowas von kaputt, dass man sich fragt, warum es 8 Betas von iOS 14 gab.


Z Broly Light Command Grab Oki Mid Screen With Gotenks B #DBFZ_BRO #DBFZ_GTK

MacRumors.com ()

Apple Releases iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 With Home Screen Redesign, App Library, Compact UI, Translate App, Scribble Support, App Clips, and More by @julipuli

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9to5Mac.com ()

Apple releasing iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 on September 16 with Home screen widgets, App Library, and more by @ChanceHMiller

☚ #FALLINTOMORROW #DeterringDemocracy ☛
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