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Did I half-assedly record the final #HQAfterDark but was too lazy to make it not crooked? Yes, yes I did. I’m gonna miss you crazy kids! @mattwasfunny @AnnaRoisman

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Vin struss ()

@AnnaRoisman My 9 & 9:30 rituals are gone and I don’t know what to do with myself. Thank you for being you! I’m going to miss the hilarities what were known as #HQAfterdark With you and @mattwasfunny. Hope to see great things from both of you real soon. #oprarahdropagiftboxforHQ

John Morris ()

@DavidMagidoff @hqtrivia Aww you were fun. Would’ve loved to have seen you sneak into #hqafterdark

Alexis Brianne|#Ellick|Lexi Loves Emily Wickersham ()

I can’t redeem myself for missing the last ever game of #hqafterdark and #hqtrivia. I wanna say I’m sorry @mattwasfunny and @AnnaRoisman, I feel so bad. Forgive me 😭

David Vandergriff ()

@mattwasfunny @AnnaRoisman the last glitch, faces say all my feelings. Thanks for everything. #HQAfterDark

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JWP28 ()

Watching @mattwasfunny & @AnnaRoisman on #HQAfterDark was always like watching hilarious twins having fun. I miss y’all already

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John Khoo ()

RIP @hqtrivia. This is my @YouTube livestream of the final show ever: #HQAfterDark #HQTrivia

JWP28 ()

Lots of “final” shots on #HQAfterDark. Final headstand, Nate, final gift drop, final savage question, and final final round 😢

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Word nerd fashion icon ()

don’t have anymore captions, we’re just sad. enjoy these great last screenshots, last word nerd W to grace this account #HQAfterDark

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Michael makowsky ()

@AnnaRoisman @mattwasfunny I enjoyed tonight’s #HQAFTERDARK I will hire you guys I love ❤️ you and I feel your pain

JWP28 ()

@mattwasfunny @AnnaRoisman I took sooo many screenshots of tonight’s game, including the final question ever #HQAfterDark

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Michael ()

@mattwasfunny @AnnaRoisman I recorded the whole final show if either of you want a copy for your reel! Thanks again for the memories! ❤️ #HQAfterDark

Nikki ()

Did I half-assedly record the final #HQAfterDark but was too lazy to make it not crooked? Yes, yes I did. I’m gonna miss you crazy kids! @mattwasfunny @AnnaRoisman

Holmes ()

Gonna miss @mattwasfunny, @AnnaRoisman so much, will be praying that somehow, someday HQ will be resurrected. Until then I hope to catch you next time I’m in New York. Thank you for all the amazing entertainment ♥️♥️♥️#HQafterdark #Hq

Rachxx✌️ ()

@mattwasfunny I recorded some of the show!!! I’m going to miss you and Anna so much 😭😭😭❤️❤️ #hqafterdark #hqforever

Robert Hall ()

That was absolutely hard to watch! But hey at least there was a curtain call for #HQAfterDark it’s heartbreaking to know it’s over.

Ashley and Nipper 😻 ()

just played/watched the last ever #HQafterdark love you @mattwasfunny and @AnnaRoisman

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Timothy DeMattio ()

Hey @AnnaRoisman and @mattwasfunny .. Thanks for that final goodbye episode of #HQAfterDark and for Best of luck!

Lysh ()

@hqtrivia The Thompson Twins stan is still in the chat, like classic iconic etc #hqafterdark #HQTrivia

JWP28 ()

Join @mattwasfunny & @AnnaRoisman for a final #HQAfterDark. Starting out in ironic fashion by being out of sync and giving an empty gift drop. I still love you!

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Erin Privratsky ()

omg the final #hqafterdark is…so darkly funny “why are we shutting down? i don’t know, ask our investors!!”

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