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Hue Jackson Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:05 AM IST

Hue Jackson Top Tweets On Twitter

  • After two years of being in no apparent rush, Hue Jackson tells Browns: “Winning starts today”.

  • Hue Jackson laughs off reports the Browns have decided on Josh Allen at #1: "If there was a consensus that John would have come to at this point, he would have told me.".

  • Hue Jackson to the players: "2 years of pain, suffering, hardship ... where toughness, grit and determination was being built.".

  • Why Hue Jackson is laughing at all the rumors about what GM John Dorsey will do with his first two picks in the draft.

  • God has decided to keep winter going all year long until Hue Jackson jumps his fat ass in Lake Erie like he said he would if we went 0-16. God is not letting u go back on your word this time you little bitch!!!.

  • @TravisVogt We are headed to Lan Hue on Jackson if you want to come with a strange cat lady to lunch..

  • Hue Jackson: Everyone still in play for No. 1 #DawgPound.

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  • @wileyfox2 "Blah blah blah". Hue Jackson talking.

  • @Nachos711 @perfectly_calm @ProFootballTalk Lol, Hue Jackson and winning/competitive season go together as well as tuna and skittles on a sandwich.

  • #Browns Hue Jackson insists decision for top pick has yet to be made via @scoutmedia.

  • Video: #Browns Coach Hue Jackson – We haven’t settled on QB choice in NFL Draft #NFLDraft.

  • Twitter roasts Hue Jackson for odd statement about No. 1 pick - Yardbarker.

  • @AlbertBreer Albert, remember shoeless Joe Jackson?This guy is clueless Hue Jackson! What kind of stupid is this group? 9days &playing games.

  • @NickWilson923 Does Hue Jackson not realize that Sunday is a weekend day.

  • The real question is has Hue Jackson jumped into the lake yet?.

  • Hue Jackson: All 4 top QBs are still in play for the Browns at #NFL #Browns.

  • Hue Jackson: Everyone still in play for No. 1.

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  • 2018 NFL Draft: According to reports, Browns HC Hue Jackson says “everyone” is in play at No. 1….

  • I liked a @YouTube video Browns HC Hue Jackson Praises New Jets Isaiah Crowell and Terrelle Pryor.

  • Hue Jackson - SHUT THAT HOLE IN YOUR FACE #Browns.

  • Hue Jackson: Everyone still in play for No. 1.

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