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@scouseweegian @GraceBrodie Not once in all of this have I heard from a trans man. On how his rights have been adversely effected. #Womenloseyetagain.

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@Marcesmith Great stuff Marc. I will pass this on too. I believe they will have found the chap from the description, but just in case, this has been raised ~ David.

@flyingcucco YEAH I GUESS ive been trying to survive life and uni but we be hanging on 💪 how about u!!! will u have a break soon!!!!.


Bihhhh I BEEN ON!!! @kahrazyinlove we fckin called it 😭.

@kinglami1 @Rebartic Me ? Not my band , I haven’t got a f&&king band , I can’t even play the recorder ... JOB going on about his band ... you know Job , that has done everything and been everywhere 😜.

Hi @BSNLCorporate , I have a FTTH connection at home, I have been getting emails on BSNL BHARAT FIBER-high speed internet, are both of the services same ?.

I just wanna kno y im up been up since 4 wit you on my mind🙃🙃😎🥴🥴🥴.

@GroupAuxilium Thanks for sharing. I have been waiting for someone to write an article like that. Really highlights our dependency on technology..

One of those days where I’ve had a massive burst of motivation, been on a run, tidied the house, now 3 hours of revision to get let’s see how long this lasts 🤔.

@VirumDolorum -- and he gestured for the books she had been searching for, Skye stopped to turn and face him, a smile on her lips. ❝ Thank you, I will make sure to keep it to a minimum though. ❞.

Earning from my admob account has been disabled because apparently TV2GOTV incurages fake clicks on the ads even tho there is only a single full screen ad when you close a channel Sins updating the app to this ad format i have been making less than 60p a day now nothing :/.

I’ve been home not even a week and I sound common as muck again slinging me on the end of every sentence.

@AskPlayStation I have been playing on an account for about 3 years now. Recently I got permanently banned, I was so confused because the last guy told me not to message anyone, this was before the ban, so I didn’t I turned off being able to message people. But I got a permanent.

@jakeandzak2 Received on the deadline day! Only thing that has been on time! They have missed every other deadline. I am now waiting for their reply to my only 5 working days left before it goes to panel!!😤.

It’s been decided I deserve employee of the night award bc I actually did chores on time for one 😂.

Is a glow down a thing? Because I’m on like a 22 year glow down. I’m 23. People liked me when I was a baby I’ve been told.

Thank christ Michael Keenan is stepping down. He has been a disgraceful minister for Human Services. I hope you end up on centrelink payments so you experience the bullshit that a person has to go through. You will feel totally worthless and wanting to go on the end of a rope..

so I’ve been watching a kh2 playthrough while I work on yuna’s guns just for some background noise and yall I’m fuckign LOOSING my MIND this game is so fuckinfjsjhf dumb but god I love it so much.

@firstdirecthelp Hi. At the end of May, a voluntary code of conduct is put to banks to do more for customers who are victim of scams such as push payment fraud. TSB has been vocal about their changes this week - I wondered where First Direct stand on this?.

@vr_sam Some patents have been seen with eye-tracking and foviated rendering. I think on thing PSVR users are going to have to expect with the new console and the eventual launch a new PSVR headset is it not being so entry level again and be paying top prices along the lines of PCVR.

All the numbers for the raffle have now been paid for & I will be announcing a winner later on this evening- good luck everyone xx.

@scouseweegian @GraceBrodie Not once in all of this have I heard from a trans man. On how his rights have been adversely effected. #Womenloseyetagain.

For some reason was really surprised to see kathe kollwitz’s pro abortion posters from 1924. I guess amazed that this fight has been going on for so long.

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I read a tweet about projection the other day that made me think and my father has been projecting on me my whole life.

@Spaggie I love dayz so I l’ve been playing it on Xbox while my pc is out of commission (next week will be back). I’m glad we have it for Xbox but man do I miss pc version.

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