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I made a dozen or so little plastic moulds, intricately shaped like Roman legionaries or medieval knights. When each one was filled with blood, I left them in the ice box to #freeze. In the morning, I had a perfect corpuscular army to put next to my model trains. #vss365.

I’ma stream “Ice Box” twice tonight. After watching 3 hours of defeat and bullying I gotta help somehow. #verzuz.

Omarion let Ice Box get washed by Crying Out For Me. He waited too late for it. Mario still got HITS. #Verzuz.

今日のおやつ 冷やし焼き芋🍠(画像なし) ICE BOX濃い果実🍇 これ美味しくて1本全部食べて48㌍ 夏はこの神おやつの出番多し✨✨.

Ice Box Photo,Ice Box Photo by Lindaカッコいいばあさんになる💃,Lindaカッコいいばあさんになる💃 on twitter tweets Ice Box Photo

Ice Box was his one redemption song and Mario sung Crying Out For Me… SUB HIM OUT REF!!!!!!🗣🗣🗣 #Verzuz.

Ice Box Photo,Ice Box Photo by Uncle Iroh’s Daughter 🍵🍵🍵,Uncle Iroh’s Daughter 🍵🍵🍵 on twitter tweets Ice Box Photo

Omarion definitely should ended it with Ice Box & O somebody let him down bad 😂😂 #Verzuz.

He should have saved ice box for last. You did not snap on Mario with Bump, Bump, Bump, O. #Verzuz.

@bellbellarder ICE BOXに好きなドリンクぶち込んで飲むと身体が一気に冷えるで☺️.


@niggaolas currently doing a slowed and reverb round of their only 2 songs, ice box and let me love you.

This round is a draw for me. Both big tunes. But if I had for choose: Crying Out (performance) > Ice Box (omarion sound bad).

@SspokenWordsS @mrwarrenwillis_ He played it against Ice Box and which was a rookie mistake. 🤦🏾‍♂️ he should’ve just let that round go and Used Crying Out for me later. Smh.

Omarion - Speeding & Ice Box we’re the only songs I played from him and one isn’t even on iTunes..

ICE BOX見つけたけどなんか違う。 こんな高級なんじゃなくてもっとチープなヤツ。 これはこれでブドウの果汁が濃くて美味しいけど、そうじゃなくてあのうっすいグレープフルーツ風味のヤツ。.

Ice Box Photo,Ice Box Photo by デルタヌキ。が炒まってます。,デルタヌキ。が炒まってます。 on twitter tweets Ice Box Photo

@nohuddlejustgo Exactlyyyyyyyyy. I was a bit disappointed in Ice box cause that’s my shit but he was just too off key for it to be enjoyable..

@Accio_Library There was no chance I was gonna watch this, not even got the Grammy nominated ICE BOX! But these clips are ridiculous..

@ukiyoe_san 甘めのアイスよりすっきりめが食べたくて、ICE BOXを久々に食べました😊✨✨✨.

And did Omarion do Touch and Ice Box…cause how can Mario run it 20-0 when it got those.

Ice Box was the hardest Omarion song but Mario “Let Me Love You” kills all Omarion music. And the remix with Jadakiss too.

Not when mario still wins the ice box round!! Come on O they was rooting for youuu😄 #Verzuz.

Omarion and Mario going ego to ego. But Omarion playing it safe. Sing ice box. Or touch and it’s wraps.

Oh I definitely forgot about “O”… I guess “Ice Box” wasn’t the biggest biggest..


I hate to be trader to my generation but I did never, will never, and would never listen to ice box.

I thought Ice Box was as an automatic W. I sized Mario once again 😭.

Omarion salty af 😂😂 dang i didn’t think he was gonna beat Ice Box but Mario was clutch with the song choice.

I forgot how good this song is 😭 this nigga took Ice Box from Omarion 😭😭😭.

This Ninja Omarion really chose BUMP BUMP BUMP over Ice Box 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️😒 #Verzuz.

@kingmookthagod Mook ain’t no way you logically think ice box good as or better than either of these three songs lol there’s just no way.

今年もICE BOXにバヤリースを注ぐ時期になりましたね。あー、美味しい。.

@Sakuya_BOX さくやさん。 ちわわん🐶🍼~☕💭💕 確かにそうですね smile☺️コーヒー𖠚ᐝ♡ 美味しい ICE・Latteどうぞ~☕️.

@nickname_MOOK I missed ice box I turned that shit off when Omarion started getting naked lol.

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