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so dope to see a lot of bassheads who would normally go to excision, slander, illenium type shows pull up to ours as well we love u give house music a chance 😫.

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This new album did it for I will NOT be watching any videos of Illenium live or anything until i see him live in This show is going to be.

Sorry I can’t come into work today, I’m sick* *listening to Illenium’s album on repeat.

like I really got CUSSED OUT for saying the new Illenium didn’t resonate with that’s all I said. I didn’t say it sucked (bc it doesn’t) and I didn’t disrespect anyone. but I got cussed out anyway. how fucking ugly dude that isn’t what this shit is about.

Why did illenium have to do me like this 😭 I had no plans on breaking down today. He has not only 15 perfectly written songs + an intro and prelude but has arranged them an written us an actual story arranging them in an exact order..

New Illenium album and I leave for space Jesus at moon beach today! WHAT A GREAT DAY 🤗🤗🤗.

happy friday!!!!!!! get your butt up & listen to some new music & shake those cheeks baby!!! ☀️ ~ mersiv ~ illenium ~ big gigantic ~ galantis ~ slander ~ whethan ~ what so not & others :)).

City girl summer in cancelled. Illenium released his new album and I just wanna be loved. Thanks..

Hoy viernazos! -Tourist -Jauz -Martin Garrix -Hardwell -Nicky Romero & DV&LM -Afrojack & DubVision -Illenium (Álbum) -Quentyn -Cristoph Remix -Matroda -Diplo -SLANDER -Boris Brejcha -Disciples -Joris Voorn -Laidback Luke -Walden & Pete K -KREAM Y más!.

Man I’m such a cornball I’m listening to Illenium’s new album and I can’t wait to be in a crowd singing every word to Andrew💜🥺.

@StingShotScotty I was kicking it with my friends after work and decided to look up illenium cuz I remembered about the album and I literally sat there and started crying.

I literally started crying when I looked up illenium on Spotify and saw the new album ascend below his name😭😭🤩🤩🤩.

wait yes new illenium and slander/kompany but did y’all here @kaivonofficial new song ? 😭😍.

@lindsgromo If you really fuck with some edm music lindsay, idk how much or who you listen to, but illenium also dropped an album tonight! And this song “disarm you” remix by him is good!! imo.

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haven’t listened to the new Illenium album yet but i would rate it a pretty solid SAD/10.

Illenium, X Ambassadors - In Your Arms [Lyrics/Lyric Video] // 🧡🧡.

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illenium really sampled robin williams in good will hunting, one of my favorite performances of all time. i’m crying.

My tl is all Illenium and I’m here for it Horny twitter taking tonight off I’m proud of us.

i fucking backed up into a truck tryna get the illenium album playin😂 fuck me.

I honestly dont see myself listening to illenium😅 ill be like “ 😐” the whole time lol.

Why is it every Illenium album comes out I’m always going through a break up? 😅.

I can’t wait to cry at Illenium and then headbang so hard I physically yeet myself over a rail.

Thoughts on the new faves tended to be the ones already released but I’m glad he brought m back the Ashes sound for one track at least. But overall it’s still a little too “sad boi” and I’m not a huge fan of some of the random dubstep. Feeling like a high 6 on this.

[email protected] answers 20 questions about the first album he bought, his thoughts while playing a show, the first song he ever made & much more in our new interview..

20 Questions With @ILLENIUMMUSIC: The producer discusses his success, sadboi status & new album #Ascend.

so dope to see a lot of bassheads who would normally go to excision, slander, illenium type shows pull up to ours as well we love u give house music a chance 😫.

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