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If you are a college student considering Univ. of Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame rethink your choice unless you plan on taking a vow of celibacy..

Indiana has some of the highest infant mortality rates in the country. It has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the nation. And it does not offer paid family leave. But how about that “pro-life” agenda….

Everyone needs to watch what’s happening right now in Indiana as GOP lawmakers push through laws to force child rape victims to give birth and force mothers to carry stillborns. These people are sick..

Three very important questions for this Indiana lawmaker. Please take a moment….


@NPR Indiana politicians should have the public decide on a vote on this issue, just as Kansas did. Abortion is an issue that directly effects them. Their voices should have been heard, instead of silenced..

Drug company already said it will pull out of Indiana after their ban on abortion. Thank you drug manufacturer!!!.

Storms still waking folks up in Southern Indiana this morning. More will begin to pop-up as we heat up this afternooon. #kywx #inwx.

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@TODAYshow At least Illinois is next door so women will be able to go there. Very sad that women have less rights in Indiana..

Indiana is against a womans right to chose yet they have a full blown abortion of a town called Santa Claus that is Christmas themed all year round..

State Rep. introduces amendment to anti-abortion bill that would ban erectile dysfunction drugs.

Long Time Home of Bigots Like Mike Pence, Indiana Proves it Hates Women Too:.

@bobscheer @indystar What % of people in Indiana favorite abortion? Have any actually balanced polls been done?.

I check the weather most mornings and I swear humidity has been over 90% the vast majority of the time I check. Has Indiana always been like this and I’ve somehow forgotten or is this summer unusual?.

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@Breaking911 Only question is. Will @GovHolcomb (D) Indiana sign it? Or will he sue the legislature again?.

Indiana becomes the first state to ban abortion after the overturn of Roe v. Wade..

Fuck Indiana! Fuck @GovHolcomb Being sent back into history instead of moving forward, one scumbag state at a time!.

Indiana law does not see women as fully autonomous citizens. #BlueNovember is unlikely to help there based upon historical votes..

ANOTHER WIN 4 the Unborn, another LOSS 4 the murderous pro choice crime familys! 👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Indiana becomes first state in nation to approve near-total abortion ban post Roe.

Indiana assembly passes anti-abortion bill, governor signs it into law. So any woman/ child dies from not having abortion. Their families should be able to Sue the State. Theses States have gone backwards to the dark days..

Indiana Republicans are getting ready to KILL a lot of girls and women. SAD..

@GuardianAus hair bleach is a known cause of ectopic pregnancies, it would be awful if her daughter /sister had one & was not able to be saved from bleeding to death in #Indiana.

OK, NOW WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE‼️Indiana becomes first state in nation to approve near-total abortion ban post Roe | All abortion clinics lose there licenses, hospitals only: doctors who perform abortions outside of legal hospitals lose their license..

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In Indiana a rapist has more rights than a 10 year old girl. Plus, the rapist and/or his family can sue for full custody. This is fucked up, but in IN 46% of pop is dem but only get like 20% representation. This is American Talaban and it’s not stopping..

@thekitmalone Thank you and your team for your tireless efforts. I met you briefly at the rally after the SCOTUS decision and consider that an honor. Today is a shit day for Indiana but I’m all in for the fight to November..

Indiana first to pass anti abortion law in USA. Indiana, you should be proud! Your state government hates you more than any other state government! Every abortion death of the mother is on your head! BIGOTS!.

Nobody goes to Indiana anywayIndiana passes first abortion ban following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Vote our #republicans in #Indiana especially if you love and respect women and girls..


🇺🇸 Indiana é o 1º Estado norte-americano a proibir o aborto.

lmao indiana is so cringey & embarrassing 💀 anywho fuck this law if you need an abortion still currently go to chicago/illinois their abortions are 100% free if you apply for their medicaid (you don’t have to be a in state resident to apply).

@ZekeJMiller This is not a good thing economically. Chamber knows what is coming..

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