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“Muharrem, Kerbelâ’nın hüzünlü hatırasıdır…” Yarın 90 bin camimizde “Muharrem Ayı ve Kerbelâ” konulu hutbe irad edeceğiz inşallah..


Diyanet İşleri Başkanı Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş, Konya’da Cuma Hutbesi irad ediyor.


Diyanet İşleri Başkanı Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş, Şırnak’ın Silopi ilçesindeki Birlik Camii’nde “Hicretimiz Rabbimize Olsun” konulu hutbe irad etti, Cuma namazını kıldırdı @DIBAliErbas.

Irad Photo,Irad Photo by Diyanet,Diyanet on twitter tweets Irad Photo

🏆 Whitney Stakes (G1) 1800m, USD, for 4yo and upward 🇺🇸 Saratoga Life Is Good (USA) (4C Into Mischief - Beach Walk, by Distorted Humor) J :Irad Ortiz, Jr. T :Todd A. Pletcher O :CHC INC. and WinStar Farm LLC B :Gary and Mary West Stable, Inc..

THE WHITNEY STAKES •LIFE IS GOOD• Todd Pletcher Irad Ortiz @iradortiz.

Irad is a very dangerous rider. He continually creates situations like that in race 2 at the Spa. God forbid someone is seriously hurt. When that happens then the industry will address it until then it will continue to be a free for all. His reckless riding may kill someone..

LIFE IS GOOD gana de punta a punta en el Whitney (G1), ayudado por el corte de línea que su jinete Irad Ortiz hizo a Happy Saver en los finales..

And yet again, the stewards at @TheNYRA just allow Irad to wipe out basically an entire field. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ @TimeformUSfigs.

@barbaro1420 @BklynBckstretch Knowing they were both Pletcher, the stewards should have called an immediate inquiry, which would have taken the heat off Johnny V at least. And then make Irad sweat for 15 minutes. Inexcusable all around..

@DRFGrening One hand riding by Irad All on him He is gonna get someone killed Whole group who rode that race should be popping him right now.

الجواد Life Is Good ابن الفحل Into Mischief يحصد شوط (Whitney Stakes G1) على مسافة 1800م،لعمر اربع سنوات فأكثر على مضمار 🇺🇸 ساراتوجا تدريبات Todd A. Pletcher وبقيادة Irad Ortiz..

Irad Photo,Irad Photo by صهيل الخيل,صهيل الخيل on twitter tweets Irad Photo

Todays handle at Saratoga has froze at $98 for the day. I could easily bet up to a grand but IRAD has made me a spectator for the rest of the day..

@madbad @DRFGrening Irad will be indicted for manslaughter for killing a fellow jock before these judges ever DQ him..

I hope @TheNYRA gets all the blame they deserve for continuing to allow Irad Ortiz to pull shit like that when it finally hits the fan bad..

Not even an inquiry or an objection when Irad darts Life is Good into Happy Saver as he is coming through the rail, if you bet @TheNYRA tracks burn your money instead. To not even look at the stretch run is criminal..

All these stakes wins for Rosario at Saratoga, and the majority are not on favorites, is why he is a better jockey then Irad Ortiz, in my opinion of course..

What do you have as your #radiology #irad workstation background? Mine: Lake Bled, Slovenia, taken on @bikepackingcom journey Sept 2021..

Irad Photo,Irad Photo by Peder E. Horner, MD Interventional Physician 🇺🇦,Peder E. Horner, MD Interventional Physician 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Irad Photo

How was Irad Ortiz NOT DQ’d race 3? @TheNYRA @NYSGamingComm I mean he took every horse out of the race at the start? Such a dangerous rider….

@Everylastgoat I think Mig had it right. Irad did not try all that hard to correct. He knew there would be no consequences for his actions..

@stoolpresidente Irad could shoot someone in the stretch and the NYRA stewards wouldn’t do anything about it..

@phillyboy415 Not even a look into a G1 where Irad blatantly darted his horse into the 5 while gaining up the rail.

@jlvgjockey @Francis89820434 Segun esos policias de pista le dieron su jalon de oreja a irad x el cambio brusco de linea q afecto a haopy saver.

@ARodriguezVera Totalmente de acuerdo y más cuando irád es un lobo, pero le viste aguante o solo se estaba cayendo?.

@HorseToWatch That’s a disgrace that the stewards looked the other way. Irad allowed to do whatever he wants..

@Zipseatthetrack At least Cordero did things with some semblance of strategic intent. Irad is *just* reckless. What he did there was a prime example. There was no reason to do it..

@cariandes Irad es jinete top pero comete muchos errores hoy saco un caballo en grama en 22 lo reventó llego 6 y era favorito ... para mi los más completos Prat y Joel rosario.

@jlvgjockey Que piensas de ese movimiento d irad en la recta tocayo contra happy seaver?.

@ServicesBam I’m surprised there wasn’t at least a perfunctory review. Now, I don’t think it would have changed the outcome, but it was Irad being Irad..

@LineaDelSamurai Es que irád nunca saco el pie del acelerador aunque lo ví que le costó reaccionar a los estímulos creo que el trabajo lo pueden hacer antes de la curva porque se nota que el caballo es duro de pasar, pero claro son 200 más y con la creme de la creme.

@wilsond51881261 @BreedersCup Se puso a pajarear y perdio algo de concentración en lo que Irad lo movio un poco reaccionó y terminó su carrera con fuerza..

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