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Moving speech from @DanJarvisMP on the sacrifices made by British armed forces in the Iraq war. 179 British personnel died during Operation Telic between March 2003 and February 2009..

my most disturbing memory of the Iraq War was playing Rise of Nations at night, and I played against Arabia who built a city called Fallujah. I saw the name of that city and others in Iraq on CNN the very next day with my dad, being announced as cities that have been bombed..


Funny today as every media outlet soberly reflects on the bullshit catastrophic murderous war in #iraq, while ALL of them cheered it on, buried protests, fired Donahue (MSNBC) for questioning—while all the same fuckers go exactly way out of their way to bury the climate issue..

Your “great power competition” Cold War with China is and always will be a resource war, wrapped in Iraq-like bullshit about democracy vs authoritarianism and freedom of navigation..

When will Blair & Bush be in front of The Hague? Poor man Every right thinker knew it wasn’t suicide Poor man Poor people of Iraq who suffer horrific after effects of the weaponry showered upon them Poor military who were lied to and sent to their deaths! War criminals Blair&Bush.

Well said @jeremycorbyn 20 years since the invasion of Iraq, we remember the millions killed, injured & displaced in a war built on lies. Let’s renew our solidarity with refugees fleeing the horrors of conflict & strive to build a more peaceful world..

@RichardEngel Well America fought the war and gave Iraq to Iran. Iran now dominates.

One big obstacle here is how easy it is to profit and make a career off genuine anger and not actually believe in shit (like MSNBC and libertarian journalists with the Iraq War after 2007), opportunists in the anti-racism industry, and transphobic Larouchites on Ukraine, now..

@yelobeli @guardian Really? So illegal invasion under false justification was okay? Attacking a sovereign country that hasn’t attacked any member of NATO block was okay. Almost a half a million of people died as the result of Iraq war and it also okay?.

Today we celebrate the 20 year anniversary of my friends and I walking into Sephora on the Vegas strip, ‘warpainting’ our faces with free makeup samples, then marching to Treasure Island to challenge the pirates. How we marked the beginning of the Iraq War (that never ended)..

@JakeAnbinder @evan7257 Americans were, justifiably, less likely to doubt the intentions of their society and government on broader issues, and Bush was able to use that to manufacture a consensus for a war against Iraq. /5.

🔔 #Podcast from @nprpolitics: US Still Has Lessons To Learn From Its Misguided War In Iraq.

I love this country, and it pains me to say it, but 20 years ago we messed up massively. The Iraq war was just as illegal, unjustified and unprovoked as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Tony Blair and George Bush should both be on trial for war crimes if Putin should be..

This commentary in the video is very chauvinistic, yet it is from a liberal; what is strange is the soldiers who went to Iraq expected to be treated like heroes decades down the line but here we are in the 2020’s and no one is really even thinking about Iraq war veterans anymore..

@GBNEWS Blair should face charges. The Iraq war was illegal. Conservatives supported it. Johnson also broke the law and lied to - sorry: misled - Parliament. Conservatives supported it. What’s your point, @Jacob_Rees_Mogg?.

Opinion | Iraq Veterans 20 Years Later: ‘I Don’t Know How to Explain the War to Myself’ .....Please follow to.

@44MagnumBlue1 To remember and honor them we can not allow our govt to lie about worthless lied about Korea, Vietnam, Gulf war, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine ,weapons of mass destruction, covid, covid lockdown, Russia Gate ,origins of the virus dear, lord why should be believe anything.

@VodkaPundit Just read your thing on the Iraq war on PJ. I have learned some stuff from you. Still, that war, like the Bushes, was stupid. I voted for the Bushes every time they ran. I was stupid too. Neo cons really do suck. To hell with them. I was for it too. I was a fool.

The guy that was among the biggest supporters of the Iraq War, sitting in Congress and going on tv pushing lies on behalf of the military industrial complex is totally telling the truth now about Ukraine and Russia..

@annmarie Ironic coming on the anniversary of our war of choice invading Iraq, killing 600,000 Iraqi civilians prematurely, per The Lancet, dwarfing the Ukrainian civilian death toll. 600,000. But then, how many had blue eyes? 600,000 civilians killed..

I think this oversimplifies the run up to the war in Iraq. For 66% of Americans believed Iraq supported the 9/11 terrorists in a poll taken the same month Congress authorized force. Bush admin repeatedly connected Al Qaida & Saddam..

@BBCWorld The illegal war in Iraq. Weapons inspectors found no evidence of WMD. One of the inspectors took his own life. Liars and war mongers..

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