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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 02:40 AM IST

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Jay-Z is supporting wife Beyonce and her upcoming Ivy Park x Adidas collection by modeling the pieces himself. 

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Beyoncé fans vented on social media after failing to get items from FLEX PARK, the new Ivy Park collection.

I’m NOT about to keep fighting over Ivy Park and Telfar and losing. Man fuck them conpanies. Like just produce more items!!!!!

Aproveitando o buzz… A Beyoncé ta vendendo as muambas dela. Comprem essa enquanto a “Fenty x Ivy Park” não chega. 🗣

o pessoal q eu ri pq comprou aqueles casacos da ivy park rindo de mim agr pq no rio tá fazendo uns 8 graus

ignore this sorry tl ( grimes eevee ashe find my way #TokyoOlympics dune wray lupe #askfunko seer ghost canes ivy park )

Ivy Park be releasing shit at the end of the damn my swimsuit budget is over miss thing.

I want to see the next Ivy Park drop modeled by Parkwood & Roc Nation artists🟠

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@mags324 You the garden still in the shade 😎behind my Ivy Wall and hoping soon to take Lottie on the park for her evening walk 🚶‍♀️🐩 I wish you a good evening 🙏x

eu: nossa tenho acesso antecipado à coleção da ivy park né, vamo la ver beyonce: 500 reais uma toalha mo

Wasn’t really feeling this Ivy Park release this time. I still haven’t worn my items from the last launch 🥴🥴🥴

The adidas app crashed right before the Ivy Park drop and told us all to #MoveAround 😭😭😭😭

Adidas better fix the damn website. I’m gonna be mad if I can’t get them Ivy Park slides 😡

I’m done with the Ivy park drops I hate picking over scraps I like slowly deciding on pieces to purchase … fuck this resell culture

Omg if this fucking Adidas app doesn’t stop giving me error messages I’m gonna pull my hair out and then I’m gonna really need that Ivy Park bucket hat FML

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App da Adidas dando erro após a disponibilização da nova coleção Ivy Park 😵‍💫


It would be nice if Beyonce did a full stock of Ivy Park or even did restocks. These limited drops are annoying

The Adidas app crashes every single Ivy Park release. When will they fix their servers?

Beyoncé’s new Ivy Park collection, Flex Park: Release time, prices and more #SM

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Beyoncé I tried but you make it too difficult to purchase this ivy park collection…

Seeing women spaz over the sites crashing for Ivy Park releases is equivalent to guys being pissed with SNKRS or PS5 restocks lmao.

Thoughts on when @adidas will actually invest in a better server to actually withstand the traffic for ivy park drops? It’s been years…

The Ivy Park releases get worse each drop. Just put them on confirmed next time @adidas @ivyparkspr

Damn @adidas this the 1st time I’m actually not gonna be able to get my Ivy Park. Y’all really dropped the ball on this app crashing.

Early access to the Ivy Park release and the app crashes instantly at 12. All I wanted was some slides bruh. Pain is all I know.

The Adidas website finally let me in and there is literally nothing i want from this Ivy Park drop 💀

My exclusive drop to the Ivy Park collection doesn’t feel exclusive at all because sizes weren’t loading pre-release and they still aren’t. It is just not meant for me to have Ivy Park it seems. I really wanted the spaghetti strap one piece swimsuit 🥺


Now it’s not even letting me log on. Before it wouldn’t load the collection, now aug go to Ivy Park on app it asks for login… and then another error. @adidas come on! #adidas #flexpark

I can’t log in to the app @adidasoriginals . Y’all play too much . First Ivy Park launch I’ll miss I guess . I only wanted one item. A mess

Jay-Z is supporting wife Beyonce and her upcoming Ivy Park x Adidas collection by modeling the pieces himself. 

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