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😱 Ja and Zion are connecting on some RIDICULOUS oops in #NBARisingStars. 📺: TNT

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Verniel Cutar ()

@epaschall @warriors The NBA too busy starting the Zion/Ja Morant bandwagon. They need new poster boys real quick to replace hype king James. EP silently showing the league what’s up and will run away with a ring with the Warriors next season.

Chicky 10⚽ ()

@supachefbluntsy I watch Zion, Ja and I see how skilled both are. Zion very good post moves, good feet and just a freak athlete. Same with Ja. Plus his handles and speed. I can’t name an elite thing that RJ can do. Like I said though, I really hope he proves me wrong.

♍🤑 ()

Y’all know that ja and Zion played on the same aau team before they were NBA players right?

White Bean ()

@mollyhannahm Best: two grizzlies doing a jump ball against each other and Ja just being on the floor with them Worst: Zion getting Zion attention for doing basic NBA athletic things

Brandon Hill ()

@Calebdavis1__ @Kameron_Hay Yes because Ja would’ve still played (barring injury) around 80 games and Zion would’ve missed over half the wouldn’t do this for the MVP race so let’s not do it for ROY.

Eric haber ()

@SportsCenter “Luka, Trae, Zion, Ja and who cares who else was there” - Sportcenter intern


Zion and Ja are lame for not being in the dunk contest. The ratings would’ve been so high


The Ja and Zion connection is unreal 😱🔥 (via @PelicansNBA)

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😱 Ja and Zion are connecting on some RIDICULOUS oops in #NBARisingStars. 📺: TNT

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