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Discussing how he plans to undo the blue design of Air Force One that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis created with professional designers in 1962, Trump says Melania is “the new Jackie O” and then calls his wife an “it.”.

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Comparing a sneaky E Bloc hooker, likely sent here for nefarious purposes, to an American icon of grace and dignity, can be described only as trolling..

She was not Jackie O when she was First Lady she was Jackie Kennedy.

@PhilipRucker “It’s”??? Odd choice of pronoun. And please, Melania could not shine Jackie Kennedy’s shoes. This presidency is no Camelot. It’s not even Spamalot!.

The only way @FLOTUS is like Jackie Kennedy was that both married rich, old men when they lost the real loves of their lives..

@RichieFed @realDonaldTrump They will never be Kennedy royalty. But there just might be a cat fight between Melania and daughter-wife over wanting to be the next Jackie O..

@PhilipRucker Melania Trump WILL NEVER COME CLOSE IN ANY WAY TO JACKIE KENNEDY and the delusional sicko saying that is stepping all over the grave of a true GREAT AMERICAN Who went thru living Hell, with unbelievable dignity, grace Is a total American Hero This sick Pig in WH hits new lows.

@HuffPost Ewwww, that’s gross, how dare he tarnish the Kennedy era like that, Jackie was elegance and class! 😡unlike anyone he knows 🤮.

@atrupar Please stop comparing Melania to Jackie O. Jacqueline Kennedy was the First Lady, not the Third Lady..


Twitter people saying Melania Trump is trash after her husband compared her to Jackie Kennedy further proves my point that 2019 feminism is about politics, not women..

Interesting that he referred to Jackie by her name after she was widowed and remarried. We should be so lucky..

@PoliticusSarah Beyond being a fashion icon, Jackie was special in many ways. In the last 60 years, the FLOTUS role has continued to expand & evolve. Today we want an authentic FLOTUS with her own interests & achievements. Melania is no Jackie Kennedy. Nor does she fulfil current expectations..

@realDonaldTrump your whore wife is no Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She is a pig just like you. Your entire family makes me sick. She is your 3rd baby mama, no more no less. I spit on your comment..

Jackie Kennedy and Melania should never be mentioned in the same tweet, same sentence. No comparison..

TRUMP CALLS MELANIA, “THE NEW JACKIE KENNEDY” Right you are, Donald. Melania is exactly like Jackie –– minus the education, brains, style, charm, and class..

@stonecold2050 Never in a million years. She is nothing like Jackie Kennedy Onassis. And never will.

@tressla1085 @PeterAlexander In an interview during the campaign she said many thought of her as a young Jackie Kennedy and I went crazy at the tv..

JUST IN: Trump compares Melania to Jackie Kennedy: We have our own Jackie O'.

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@TPM BULLCRAP! The woman in this Photo will NEVER be or measure up to the class Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis exude in EVERY fiber of her body. Plus, Jackie O had class, was a literary guru & could write her own speeches w/o using someone else words..

@politico I’m sorry, but this family is contrary to the Kennedy’s in every possible way. Again, it is Trump’s malignant, delusional narcissism that makes such an incompatible comparison. JFK & Jackie O were American royalty. Trump is thee most corrupt president in our nations history..

I mean she only became Jackie O after Kennedy died & she married a rich guy, but if u wanna go ahead and die sometime soon so she can marry Jeff bezos pls feel free.

Is it too much to assume @realDonaldTrump knows Jackie Kennedy became Jackie O after JFK was assasinated?.

@realDonaldTrump Do you understand why Jackie Kennedy was called Jackie O?.

Melanie is not the new Jackie Kennedy, but she IS the new Jackie O, since she married a man she could not stand who was 30 years older for his money..

Discussing how he plans to undo the blue design of Air Force One that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis created with professional designers in 1962, Trump says Melania is “the new Jackie O” and then calls his wife an “it.”.

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