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Jackie O visiting suffering children vs. Melania visiting suffering children.

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Jackie O? yeah, Trump. Wife of President O, right? Dear Lord give me strength. She was Jackie K in the White House, you utter pillock. And your wife is not an ‘it’ unless she’s a Stepford Wife fembot you had constructed for you. She’s a ‘she’. 🙄.

@HuffPost Melania is no Jackie O. Not in this world, not in Bizzaro World, not on any other planet..

Do you all remember seeing pictures of Jackie O naked with other women? Me neither ... 😲🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

Jackie O was beautiful, rich, dignified and classy Melania T is beautiful and rich One was a true First Lady, the other is married to Donald Trump.

I get the outage over Trump comparing Melania to Jackie O. First off let’s be clear: Melania is no Jackie O, starting with the fact that Melania’s husband didn’t murder Marylin Monroe..

there is one similarity between jackie o and melania plenty of people would be happy to see.

That russian sounding mail order bride is no where near the Lady Jackie O was in her day. Please youre dreaming..

Classy First Ladies through they years, plus Melania. #JohnMcCainDay Jackie O #MAGA.

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@thehill If only there were some way for her to be even more like Jackie O. Maybe a parade through Dallas in a convertible?.

@PhilipRucker And here is Trump’s version of “Jackie O”!.

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@CillizzaCNN @Kimberly_FedUp I don’t remember seeing naked pics of Jackie O or any other First Lady with the exception of “I really don’t care, Do You?”.

@politico O. would not have spread birther conspiracies like.

@PeterAlexander @Acosta I knew Jackie O. I was a friend of Jackie O. And you, Melania, are no Jackie O. Happy #JohnMcCainDay.

Jackie O visiting suffering children vs. Melania visiting suffering children.

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@djrothkopf Neither Melania nor Jackie O are “it”. He cannot even use a direct pronoun to reference his wife. She is a she, and while I do not admire her, I do pity anyone married to such a revolting man..

@PhilipRucker Jackie O had personal style. @MELANIATRUMP gets styled by th most expensive designers that can make anyone look great in $200,000-500,000 of clothes annually. come on now..

@ZekeJMiller Jackie O became Jackie O decades after her POTUS husband was assassinated..

@PeterAlexander @Acosta Hes such a moron and to class the slut in the same breath as Jackie O is unbelievable.

@fran_chambers @TIMTV413 Melania will be remembered like Eva Braun, not Jackie O..

What, she will never be on Jackie O level. Stormy I mean Melania.

If Jackie O was a RUSSIAN HOOKER that came to this country to have an ANCHOR BABY and chain migration her PIMP PARENTS Sure I can see the resemblance IF I WAS BORN #BITCHCRAFT.

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. @realDonaldTrump started off talking about the color of Air Force One: “You know, the baby blue doesn’t fit with us. And people get used to something, but that it Jackie O, and that’s good, but we have our own Jackie O today, it’s called Melania T..

Having been around during the Kennedy administration @realDonaldTrump, I’d say you must be talking about some OTHER Jackie O. Melania is not fit to re-sole Jackie’s shoes. Period..

@PeterAlexander @Acosta In his wildest dreams she will never be compared to Jackie O anymore than Trump bears the slightest resemblance to the beautiful, intelligent, and above all courageous John Fitzgerald Kennedy..

Trump tells Fox he wants to redo Air Force One livery even though the iconic baby blue was “Jackie O.” He then says, “We have a new Jackie O. It’s called Melania.”.

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