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Leaving this here as folks debate #JackieO and the “It” and the paint color of Air Force One and asking us to considering lending equal time to tweeting about Venezuela and Sudan..

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Jackie O was no saint & lets not forget she was paid to stay married to her whore mongering husband & lets not forget how she married Onassis for his money so quit deifying the woman. She was no one special jb she wore nice dresses. #JackieO.

Melania T is no #JackieO but, she could be Burger Queen or something along those lines..

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I can think of one thing #JackieO and @FLOTUS have in common. Cheating husbands..

Jackie O was on the covers of hundreds of magazines and treated with great respect. Melanie has shown grace through the slurs and slings of a cruel press and hateful leftests! So proud of our FLOTUS! #MELANIATRUMP #JackieO.

There is no comparison. Just stop. @realDonaldTrump lies until he believes his garbage himself. #JackieO was a lady. Stop comparing her to garbage. Squinty McPigFucker is no Jacki O. 🖕.

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@DisTrumpia @GOVTWINE Fucker has the nerve to compare her to JackieO, no one else will. Fuck her tacky ass!.

@realDonaldTrump 🤣🤣🤣Your wife is no #JackieO for sure. #NationalJohnMcCainDay.

IT is called melania? sheesh! you can see what he thinks of her! #JackieO.

It would #Bebest if @realDonaldTrump had called me @MichelleObama instead of #JackieO it is obviously her I have been copying all these years..

@Arriadna She is not even pretty in this photo. How did she get to be a model. She has squishy eyes. #JackieO was classy. Can you imagine watching your husband being shot in front of you and then being requested to witness the swearing in of his Vice President for the good of the country?.

@adamcbest Pretty sure #JackieO didn’t use a body double because she couldn’t stand her jackass husband. But #Melania is a birther too, so she’s no prize.

@CNN What in the hell is wrong with CNN. Who wants to see that. There is nothing mysterious there. Everyone in every corner of the World is aware of it. The nerve to put that moron in a position to refer to her as the Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis or *JackieO* as trump calls it. PLEASE..

@PeterAlexander Oh HELL NO! Jackie O exuded class, intelligence and charisma. @FLOTUS exudes - well - everything the complete opposite! And throw in a little nudity! #JackieO.

Hardly. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was very intelligent and the epitome of class. Melania is the epitome of crass. #JackieO.

#DonaldJTrump says his wife is the new #JackieO Lil’ orange man PLEASE! 😂.

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Leaving this here as folks debate #JackieO and the “It” and the paint color of Air Force One and asking us to considering lending equal time to tweeting about Venezuela and Sudan..

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@realDonaldTrump, you gross pig, #Melania is a gold digger whore! JackieO was not! End of lesson! #ImpeachTrumpNow.

@wvjoe911 @politicususa She’s NOT JackieO. Not close. Nice clothes-which we’re glad she’s wearing since she’s living in the WH-do not make the woman. Jackie had receipts for her education, good deeds. Melania’s jacket said she really didn’t care. I believed her when she told us who she really was. 😡.

Just a sidenote: Jackie got the O AFTER her husband ( the President) was murdered and she REMARRIED a foreigner with some REAL Bank. But, if you wanna go with that. 😐 #.

Was @realDonaldTrump #JackieO comment because her husband notoriously cheated on her?.

Mr. President, we covered Jackie O. We knew Jackie O. Jackie O was like a friend of ours. Mr. President, Melania T is no Jackie O. #JackieO #fromthearchives.

#JackieO Can someone on staff quickly remind him that she became known as such after her husband, the President, was assassinated and she married one of the worlds richest men. Go Melania, go away fast..

There is and was only one #JackieO. She was a true First Lady and set the bar for everyone lucky enough to follow her as our First Lady. This man has absolutely no respect for our history or institutions. #airforce1 is one strongest and most effect instruments of soft power..

We have the First Lady we deserve: vain, spoiled, obnoxious, a racist who helped to perpetuate The Birther Lie, an immigrant who turns her back on immigrants fleeing for their lives, a 3rd rate model with a 4th rate intellect, a spoiled rotten brat. Be Best. #JackieO.

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@BettyBowers I liked his first, first lady better #FirstFirstLady #JackieO.

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