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Jake Layman: “I want to be Bruce Bowen on defense and Gordon Hayward on offense.” WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS QUOTE BEFORE!??!?!.

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Portland Bench Rides High, Blazers Drop Warriors, 129-107 via @Blazersedge.

Jake LAYMAN nous a vraiment sorti le Jordan SHRUG ? 😭🤷🏼‍♂️.

Dame foi o melhor em quadra com 29 pontos e tivemos também ótima colaboração de Jake Layman com 17. Jogadores vindos do banco ajudaram muito na vitória, e nesse jogo o Stotts preferiu dar sequência aos jogadores que estavam melhores em quadra naquele momento. Boa decisão do coach.

If someone wants to get me a Valentine’s Day present, id love a Jake Layman Jersey.

Jake Layman: “I want to be Bruce Bowen on defense and Gordon Hayward on offense.” WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS QUOTE BEFORE!??!?!.

#RipCity-Reservist Jake #Layman in den vergangenen 4,5 Wochen: on 🔥 Im kommenden Monat: in der 5⃣.

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@evanempdx Nah, Kanter, like Layman with the wing competition and Hood coming in, is about to be tested. Based on how Jake and now Zach has prepared and played, it shows me that Dame and Terry have a golden culture. I’m realistic but hopeful what that means.

i love jake layman 😩💖 manz just did the jordan shrug 🤩.

@M_savage32 Niggas lost to Jake Layman and Zach Collins and Curry was broke asf in the fourth quarter.

Seth Curry, Rodney Hood, Jake Layman, and Zach Collins played the entire 4th Q. Steph, Klay, KD, and Draymond lost to these guys. #RIPCITY.

@bballbreakdown Coach, can we get some analysis on the ways that Jake Layman is getting offense? Never seen a dude get so much offense from back cuts. Might be a good example to show people why off-ball movement is KEY, even for role players..

@trailblazers Jake layman has proven himself to be a threat both on offense and defense. Unlike harkless who only really plays because of athleticism and not taking touches from Dame and McCollum..

On a completely subdued note, at this point, I don’t see how you can logically argue Moe Harkless starting over Jake Layman at this point. It doesn’t make any sense. #RipCity.

Jake. Layman. Jordan. Shrug.: No better way to celebrate a win over the Warriors 🤷‍♂️🎥 #ripcity.

@DamianCor_ @guidobonopauli1 Disculpen la molestia y la intromisión pero, Jake Layman es malisimo. No te puede gustar ese Damian.

the first feature story i ever wrote was on layman, 3 years ago before the draft almost surreal lol.

@trailblazers Ridiculous 4th quarter, fueled by Zach Collins and Jake Layman! Nice job. Bring this energy to every game!.

@BradyLim619 If he deserved the finals mvp he would’ve got it. I don’t think he’d win titles without KD. The only one he won without him was against a Cavs team who had Dellavedova as their point guard. He just let his team get handled by jake layman..

Um Q4 de gala e o Blazers triturou o Warriors. A segunda unidade pegou tanto fogo que Lillard ficou ofuscado mesmo com mais de 30 pontos. Que vitória mágica! * Zach Collins e Jake Layman imperiais na noite de hoje..

from what I can gather on my Twitter feed: Jake Layman is now the white basketball messiah and all NBA officials are utter garbage did I get that right.

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