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Jakobi Meyers has returned from the locker room and is on the sideline, catching passes..

Jakobi Meyers, his right arm hanging low as he jogs back to the sideline after making the third-down catch and getting drilled. Gutting this one out..

Zack Cox
Zack Cox

That hit definitely did not feel good for Jakobi Meyers. Seemed to be favoring his injured shoulder after it..

Jakobi Meyers questionable to return with shoulder injury, Patriots lead 10-7..

JAKOBI MEYERS. Please for the Love of God, get back in there and get me 16 more yards. PLEASE 🙏🏻.

I pray for everyone who bet the over on Jakobi Meyers today. What a ride it’s been..

Mac Jones had 7 pass plays of 20 yards or more in the game. That includes the last play of the game, a 23-yarder to Jakobi Meyers. Still, those big plays are promising. The question is whether it was a one-off for the Pats offense against a bad pass defense or major progress?.

Looks like Jakobi Meyers got hit in his shoulder that was bothering him earlier, ultimately re-aggravating it. He is now back on the sideline..

Jakobi Meyers looks like he’s feeling that shoulder. Respect for trying to tough it out, especially as a slot receiver. Taking a lot of hits..

Jakobi meyers nowhere to be seen again and no one on the telecast is telling us anything wtf. #patriots #jakobimeyers.

Second half 1 Dalvin Cook rushing TD 🧐 1 Hunter Henry reception 🥸 5 fantasy points from Mac Jones 🤠 4 catches from Jakobi Meyers 😧 Got the Kirk INT out of the way nice and early. 🚀.

Jakobi Meyers vuelve al encuentro y mueve las cadenas para los Patriots. Segunda conversión en 3er down para la ofensiva en esta serie. #ForeverNE.

Jakobi Meyers get your bitch ass back in the game and catch some fucking balls.

Jakobi Meyers Photo,Jakobi Meyers Photo by Joshua lee,Joshua lee on twitter tweets Jakobi Meyers Photo

Saquon ruined a 9 leg for me by getting 39 yards instead of Jakobi Meyers sits at 39 and might be done for the you cant make this up 😑.

Jakobi Meyers about to sacrifice his entire right arm to the football gods for this game and y’all still complaining smh.

Whole rest of the parlay look great after 1 qtr but Jakobi Meyers had to go out like that why god.

that was mac jones best game as a NFL player, 400 yards almost and doin it with not the best receivers in injury prone DVP, undrafted jakobi meyers, kendrick bourne, and nelson GET THIS MAN SOME WEAPONS..


Jakobi Meyers I want a touchdown from you in the third quarter..

Jakobi Meyers Photo,Jakobi Meyers Photo by …,… on twitter tweets Jakobi Meyers Photo

Damn Jakobi Meyers usually catches that. Would have been huge for betters and Patriots fans..

Belichick said all offseason he wants the team to get faster and more athletic and still starts Jakobi Meyers and Myles Bryant in the slot every week. It’s truly pathetic..

@FDSportsbook Jakobi Meyers props gotta void out right!!!???? Knocked out of the game on the 1st play is crazyyy.

Damien Harris 12+ yard run ... then Jakobi Meyers 17+ yard catch , Rhamondre Stevenson 50+ yard run for a TD then the Vikings drive down the field and get a walk off field goal im callin it now 😈.

Jakobi Meyers 2 catches for 39 on my fantasy lineup lol Belichick gonna have to answer for his crimes.

@DKSportsbook Could you guys please void Jakobi Meyers props? He only played one play and then got hurt, my thanksgiving is gonna be ruined if this is how I lose tonight.

Jakobi Meyers questionable to return with shoulder injury, Patriots lead 10-7.

@SharpFootball Look where Jakobi Meyers is lined up. How the hell does an NFL ref miss this?!?! 😂.

Jakobi Meyers Photo,Jakobi Meyers Photo by BJIII,BJIII on twitter tweets Jakobi Meyers Photo

@PhilMackey How do they not call Jakobi Meyers offsides on this 3rd and 1 smh.

Jakobi Meyers Photo,Jakobi Meyers Photo by Eric,Eric on twitter tweets Jakobi Meyers Photo

Jakobi Meyers lined up so off sides a moment ago, he might as well have been on the Vikings’ defense..

Why the fuck did I play Jakobi Meyers this week in fantasy. I get it, injuries happen, but fuckkkk me! At least I picked Jefferson #1 overall. I was just hoping to watch a Thanksgiving shootout!.

Jakobi Meyers should’ve caught that pass. That’s the difference between a good receiver & a great receiver..

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