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Rep Jamaal Bowman Congressman from New York’s 16th Congressional district speak up and speak out against the human rights violations happening right now in Pakistan..

@samsanders He’s a feminist. This is an example of how to be supportive. This is how a good female friend would talk up her ladies. Props for him saying truth. He doesn’t need to be called out as being thirsty. He needs to be held up as the example. Be like Jamaal..

New York Rep Jamaal Bowman tweeted about Nia Long and people had thoughts.

Madaxwyenaha Puntland Deni ayaa Xilka ka qaaday Agaasimihii Hay’adda Nabad sugida iyo sirdoonka Puntland S/G Mukhtaar jeyte waxaana uuna u magacaabay S/G Jamal Arab Yusuf. Jamaal carab ayaa laga qaaday xilka wasaaradda qorshaynta iyada oo isla caawa loo dalacsiyay Derajada S/G..

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Send nothing but love to Freedmen when it comes to reparations Jamaal, we don’t care about the Nia Long & Ime Udoka situation. This is a distraction.


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Twitter roasts NY Congressman for shooting shot with Nia Long.

She is not going to date you Jamaal. But shooters shoot & I appreciate the mamba mentality you are exhibiting.

@FrankBurner2 @WarriorsGiveTop When you tweet about bron more than your team but accuse him of it .🥶.

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@JamaalBowmanNY Yo Jamaal Bowman thanks for voting for Medicare for All last month! Looking good dude!.

Baby where is your wife?? Stay out of the streets & get back to werk, Jamaal..

Jamaal was feeling himself coming out the bullpin to tweet this:.

I mean I don’t wanna say that , cause of some dumb list @BiasedHouston.

Does jamaal know that Ime is a gigantic man? A former pro athlete. He’s been around the doughy congressmen for too long..

@itsAntWright Jamaal next tweet was after the wifey heard about it.

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@taryntatiana Lmfao squeezed that in there hoping she would see. National Holiday for what Jamaal?!?!.

Jamaal Bowman Ime Udoka 🤝🏾 Risking it all at work.

@McGovern1994 @nikicaga Yes, us Albanian politics wonks are sad to this day because of that. Engel even endorsed an ethnic Albanian against Bowman in the primary..

Jamaal been hiding in the bushes just waiting for this day to come 😂😂😂.

Mrs. Soto’s 6th Graders are working hard to close learning gaps! Jamaal did just that by already achieving IXL growth of over 100 points! We are so proud of you Jamaal! Keep up the great work!.

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@JoeBiden Because the name of the bill is a LIE; it will do nothing to reduce inflation. BTW, #BeijingBiden, under Trump at , it would take 50 years for prices to double. Under your corrupt administration with inflation at , prices will double in 9. I know because I can code..

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@SocialistMMA Ooooh, Jamaal Bowman, a serious Zi0nist muthafuka if you ever met one, what a piece of.

“Jamaal you thirsty on you boo boo .. you tee’d .. you turnt you thirsteee” @kendricklamar.

@JoJoes2ndMoma Im talking about Jamaal shooting his shot on Nia, not about Ime Udoka cheating on her..

I don’t know why y’all hating against Jamaal Bowman lol can you imagine a man getting a whole day named after you? Shiddd lol 😂 💦 that’s game right there!.

Mass is just Jamaal sympathizer run, so this angry socialist Mom is leaving DSA, but this time I mean it.

@newsowensii Im not a Browns fan my you are posting about a guy you dont know and you dont have all the facts either. You have no clue what he actually did do you? They just told you he did something and you believed it even though he didnt break any laws 🤦🏿‍♂️.

@steadynappin_ Eric Adams and Jamaal Bowman walk into Pumps after dinner at Rolos only to discover it’s actually a 700 year old Aztec Temple and the strippers are all vampires..

“Congressman Jamaal, I’m going to need to see you in my office”.

New York Rep Jamaal Bowman tweeted about Nia Long and people had thoughts.

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