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ROSTER MOVES: C James McCann has been reinstated from the 10-Day IL. C Patrick Mazeika has been optioned to Triple-A Syracuse..

Eddie Rosario has a lower OPS than James McCann I’m not sure if it’s worse for Eddie Rosario that his numbers are that bad or if it’s worse that James McCann is that close to hitting like a guy that was Blind for a month..

Mets fans haven’t seen it but James McCann was a solid hitter in Chicago. If he can bring just some of that offense to NY, could be a big unexpected boost. There is a decent track record there..

@Mets @McCannon33 If James McCann has 10 million fans, I’m one of them. If James McCann has 10 fans, I’m one of them. If James McCann has 1 fan, I’m the one. I am a James McCann fan..

Braves fans, who have whined about luck all year, have walked and given up an RBI to James McCann in the same game. You’re not unlucky, you just suck!.

The punk ass Braves may very well be the team that James McCann needed to see to get going after that knock. Revival tour is on #LGM.

Still can’t believe James McCann got the people in front of me thrown out for me booing him.

The James McCann project has not worked out. Time to cut our losses an move on. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. #Mets.

@DOBrienATL Against James McCann as well, dude should be in AA he’s so bad with the bat!.

Starling Marte singles to right field. Brandon Nimmo to second. James McCann to third. Luis Guillorme scores. Bottom of the 7th | 1 out #ATLvsNYM.

Brandon Nimmo singles to second base. James McCann to second. Luis Guillorme to third. Bottom of the 7th | 1 out #ATLvsNYM.

James McCann singles to left field. Luis Guillorme to second. Mark Canha scores. Bottom of the 7th | 1 out #ATLvsNYM.

@AndrewGullotta James #9 .170. WTF is Elder for the Braves and why in the F is he in the game??? Yeah. L..

@mets Can we please get a refund o. James McCann? Worst catcher I have seen in all my years watching baseball.

I know he got a big hit today, but everyone gets lucky. I hate James McCann so much. I’ve never hated an athlete on one of my teams before..

Happy to see James MCCANN doing well with the Mets!! Possible post season⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️.

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