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Not gonna lie… I kind of like Jason Garrett and Tony Dungy in the booth with Mike Tirico I like the coaching perspective.

Jason Garrett in the booth? I looked down and thought I heard him chuckling and looked at the screen headed to commercial I need to know because I know damn well he don’t think the Griddy cool 😂.

Taking the time outs on second and third down makes more sense than taking them on first and second down. Wouldn’t expect Jason Garrett to understand that..

Tirico asking Jason Garrett if he agrees with Tony Dungy on running the football when it’s third down up 7 to kill the other team’s last timeout might be the most unintentionally hilarious moment of 2022.

Whoever put together Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett knew what they were doing they’re trolling.

Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett as a duo are much more enjoyable than Cris Collinsworth and it’s not even close.

@Boston_Diehards In a universe where we are forced to listen to Tony dungy and Jason Garrett on national tv together.

As if Mike Tirico wasn’t bad enough on a weekly basis, they added Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett lmfao. I can’t believe I miss Colinsworth 💀.

Love how Jason Garrett addresses Tony Dungy as “coach.” Utmost respect. Tirico should address both booth-mates as “coach.” I know @ChadHartmanShow agrees..

Jason Garrett proving why he’s sitting in a fucking TV booth. Christ, what a dumbass..

Jason Garrett thought this was a good no call so I assume all agree with him..

That Vikings/Patriots game would’ve been a lot better if captain clap Jason Garrett wasn’t doing the commentary 😂.

Which NFL team has the most former players/coaches in the booth or studio? I’m thinking Cowboys? Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Jason Garrett, Butch Johnson, Tony Romo..

NFL….PLEASE NEVER give us Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett together in the booth again. I actually want to hear about the game I’m watching, not Jason and Tony talking about cowboys plays and other irrelevant plays from 20 years ago. Sincerely, All of America.

enjoyed listening to Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett tonight, good duo for NBC, very knowledgeable. #NFLThanksgiving #NFL.

It becomes very clear why Jason Garrett was an unsuccessful NFL Head Coach listening to him analyze a game as a broadcaster.

Goodness corpse sounds better than Jason Garrett calling the.

It’s kinda offensive to hear a dipshit like Jason Garrett comment on what Bill B should do tbh.

Man, Jason Garrett sure is doing a great job in the NFL booth, I think @NBCSports should definitely make it a full time gig, promote that guy to @SNFonNBC and fly him in on Fridays to give plenty of prep time imo.

Y’all really had to give Jason Garrett a job where he speaks out loud and in public for upwards of 3 hours a week..

Jason Garrett, Tony Dungy and Mike Tirico need to call more football games together!! Well done!!.

@RussoHockey Jason Garrett killed it up there. Kept saying how much I was enjoying it the whole game. Tirico and Dungy just all time pros and all 3 worked great together.

@GregABedard @BostonSportsBSJ Up Mac, offensive line, Tavai Down: officials, Myles Bryant, Jason Garrett.

@Jimmyvegasse @Kevin_Marszalek love how Jason Garrett critiquing clock management. He was the worst ever with that.

What the hell did I do to deserve to listen to Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett call an entire game.


How do you make the #SNF broadcasts unlistenable? Replace Collinsworth with Jason Garrett..

Dang, swap Jason Garrett for Cris Collinsworth and I can watch Sunday Night Football off-mute again!.

Jason Garrett must have a deal with the devil. Man has made millions being a shitty player, shitty coach and shitty announcer. #NEvsMIN.

@jackgodfrey98 You giving Jason Garrett a compliment??? This is a thanksgiving miracle..

Bill Belichick doing something dumb, not taking a timeout after the Vikings first down run, only to have Jason Garrett immediately agree with it is too perfect..

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