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Jaylen Brown spoke candidly about a portion of the fans in Boston..

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THE CELTICS WIN! (49-22) ☘️ Jayson Tatum ▫️34 Points ▫️12 Rebounds ▫️4 Assists ▫️3 Steals Jaylen Brown ▫️27 Points ▫️6 Rebounds ▫️5 Assists ▫️2 Steals Respect the best Duo in the NBA ☘️.

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Whatever man… really doesn’t matter anymore! I just hope they learn and maybe give Jaylen a chance in a game winner situation & also cannot wait for this guy to come back!!!! Goodnight 💤.

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Encerrado: Utah Jazz (34-36) 118 x 117 (49-23) Boston Celtics UTA 📊 Lauri Markkanen: 28PTS/10REB/3AST Talen Horton-Tucker: 19PTS/7REB/5AST/1STL BOS 📊 Jaylen Brown: 25PTS/4REB/6AST Grant Williams: 23PTS/4REB/2AST #NBA.

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Joe should draw up plays for Jaylen Brown!!! Or whoever’s hot!!!.

Chad Finn
Chad Finn

— On nights when he’s playing well, Grant forgets his limitations. — Jaylen ought to be pissed that he was a bystander on the last shot again. — Brogdon too, because he had it going. But especially Jaylen..

Anyone else thing Jaylen Brown is better than Jayson Tatum, if Brown if given his own team?.


The fanbase is currently broken into 3 corners Anti-Tatum Anti-Joe Anti-Jaylen Tonight they’re all going head to head and it’s hilarious.

@John_Karalis I agree 100%! If I was Jaylen Brown I’d be pissed. Everything is ran for Tatum in final possessions for games and other than 1 game, it hasn’t panned out well so far. If I was JB, in 2024, I’m leaving..

don’t let tatum 30 ppg fool y’all, he’s ass & jaylen brown been better this season..

Just a reminder @celtics there’s a guy by the name Jaylen Brown @FCHWPO on your team as well. He’s an all star, all nba player and you seem to ignore him at the end of every game..

How ab one time we stop doing JT isos and either run a play OR GIVE JAYLEN BROWN THE ISO for the last possession.

@alpacinogrunt 💯 tonight should have been derrick malcolm jaylen jayson and literally any other guy who was healthy lmao.

@CheickMarcellus Normally I come to Tatum defense, but there’s no reason why Tatum is taking a lot of these last sec shots when Jaylen has shown he’s capable. I’m just confused on why he’s not trusting Jaylen in the clutch. :/.

@NoseFaceKiller In hindsight, should’ve rested Tatum and let Jaylen carry tn, but maybe they hope he can shoot him self out of this slump, gotta get it going before playoffs or 1st rd could be disastrous, especially if they get MIA.

@NBCSCeltics He’s just not a good coach Jaylen shoulda got the ball. Jayson needs a week off that wrist is obviously terrible..

I can’t believe people are blaming Grant for this play. Tatum takes himself out of the play, Jaylen is completely covered, & Brog doesn’t even move in bounds.😂 Celtics late game IQ is much to be desired..

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It’s so WILD to me that the Celtics/Joe Mazulla STILL doesn’t design these last minute/buzzer plays to go to Jaylen Brown considering he’s been the top scorer on the team since the All-Star game & is arguably the most versatile shooter on the team rn Losing to the Jazz??? TRASH.

From now on, I go where Jaylen Brown goes. Tatum, Mazzula and this boston team are immature, self entitled and in denial of their root problems. Screw em.

@TriggeredWise Or maybe the Steelers pair Herbig and Seumalo for a mid game swap with Daniels and Dotson once the shine has come off the opposing defensive line? Whatever, Najee and Jaylen are going to be enjoying the coming season..

@Marc_DAmico Everybody knows Jaylen Brown is the go-to when Boston wins. Tatum is the forever December MVP. Real Celtics fans would trade JT to the Lakers before Brown plays with another jersey on. Never gonna win a BOB either way. Tired assed franchise.

Ok Jaylen ate the fuck outta this at boots even tho they did not say hi to me!!! 😡 😡😡😡😡.

March 18th Recap 💰() 1U: Jaylen Brown PA✅ 1U: Steph Curry pts✖️ 1U: Rafael Fiziev to Win & Round 2 to Start✖️ Frustrating day today, better days are in store!.

Jaylen brown take a game winner when you’re cooking challenge (impossible).

He could not have hit Hauser in the corner dude the only option was Jaylen but he slipped.

@equitybruin my main concern was honestly the rebounding, big area where jaylen helped us. bona was way out of control though, hopefully that rights itself next wk.

@BillSimmons Someone must’ve told Tatum it was a finals game. He disappeared again. Jaylen carries the Celtics on his back when it really matters.

@BlackProudGreen @StoolGreenie Celtics coaching staff has to wake up and realize that Jaylen is every bit as good as Tatum is, he just doesn’t get the same opportunities. It sucks to watch them choose Tatum> Brown every time in the clutch, especially when JB is having a much better game than JT.

Like, this isn’t an okc or Orlando situation where you already have developing stars. At the end of the day if we are being honest with ourselves: Banchero/Shai > Lauri Franz/Giddey > Kessler Jaylen Williams > Agbaji Point is jazz could use one more dude.

@Ibra_Goat Jaylen Brown leaving and celtics never winning a championship with Tatum type of worry.

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