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Brad Stevens says of our No. 53 overall pick, JD Davison, He’s a guy that we’ve seen all year long. Very young. Very explosive. That’s pretty obvious..

All you have to do is turn on a couple of minutes of clips and you can see the upside, Brad Stevens says of JD Davison..

Jay King
Jay King

The Celtics know they don’t need a whole lot right now. That’s one reason they were so willing to look ahead with their selection of the young, flawed, high-flying JD Davison. My story:.

Jay King
Jay King

JD Davison did not believe in the Celtics entering the finals, but did pick the series correctly so you can’t blame him for that lol..

JD Davison Photo,JD Davison Photo by Jay King,Jay King on twitter tweets JD Davison Photo

Wow, waking up to see the Celtics took my #5 choice at 53. As everyone knows, my board went: Paolo Ivey Chet Jabari JD Davison Shaedon Keegan.

Brad Stevens on JD Davison, lack of draft day trades, and potential TPE targets.

JD Davison Photo,JD Davison Photo by CelticsBlog,CelticsBlog on twitter tweets JD Davison Photo

Seja bem-vindo, Valderrama de Massachusetts JD Davison tem muita cara de Celtics, tijoleiro, erra bandejas fáceis e comete mts turnovers.

Our guy Coach Spins @TheBoxAndOne_ of @celticsblog has you covered with a scouting video on JD Davison that he had all set long before Boston picked the Alabama guard!.

Celtics twitter get your new JD Davison pfp via ig Celticsrealm and Overtimeedits.

JD Davison Photo,JD Davison Photo by 𝓢𝔀𝓸𝓜𝓸✞⚔️🇺🇸,𝓢𝔀𝓸𝓜𝓸✞⚔️🇺🇸 on twitter tweets JD Davison Photo

Celtics pick Alabama guard JD Davison in second round of NBA Draft.

JD Davison Photo,JD Davison Photo by WBZ Boston Sports,WBZ Boston Sports on twitter tweets JD Davison Photo

JD Davison君は高校卒業時点で世代Top10の評価をされていたし、イメージとしては完全に「バックコートが上級生でひしめき合ったチームに入学した世界線」のDennis Smith Jr.なんだよね。DSJは上手くキャリアを築けなかったけど、Davison君の場合はGLeagueからじっくり育てるRozierコースでお願いしたい.

JD Davison en el 53 es un buen pick pero hay que competir ya y Davison lo que necesita, además de un corte de pelo, es tiempo para desarrollarse.

Jumbo Package: JD Davison drafted by Boston, Bryce Young focused on redemption #RollTide #Bama.

Celtics had 1 pick in the draft, No. 53 using it on JD Davison, 19 year old point guard from Alabama. A highly touted prospect coming out of High School, Davison had a quiet but impactful year for the Rolling Tide. With his explosive athleticism and quick playmaking, (1/3).

And just like that JD Davison gets thousands of Boston Celtic fans as followers..

If the Celtics can develop JD Davison, I have a feeling he can be a really good piece for them down the line. Lots of potential there.

@mikolajdymek @wooden13 Panie Macieju - JD Davison - plusy/minusy? Jak Pan ocenia ten wybór przez drużynę Boston Celtics. Widziałem Pana w TV - gratuluję wiedzy! Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

I’m about to watch JD Davison and I’m 100% sure I’m gonna think he’s a future star afterwards.

The 6-foot-3 JD Davison has showed a propensity for big games..

JD Davison is extremely athletic, gets to the rim and has excellent finishing ability. Hope to see him with the Maine Celtics next season! 🤞🏻.

ICYMI last night (it was late): JD Davison - drafted by Boston in 2nd round. Keon Ellis - signed to 2-way deal with Sacramento after draft. Jaden Shackelford - signed to Exhibit 11 deal with Oklahoma City after draft..

The Celtics grabbed Alabama freshman JD Davison with their only pick, but is he a good fit? See how I graded Boston’s draft performance last night below ⬇️.

JD Davison fell into a perfect spot, Boston need a PG. I’ll G League him for his rookie year or at least half the season, then bring him up see how he looks..

Really like the JD Davison pick for the Celtics. Reminds me a bit of Collin Sexton..

JD Davison could soon become another former Alabama MBB star drafted to the NBA!.

JD Davison is a worthy talent bet, I just think it’s funny that the Celtics are coming off a playoff run where all anyone could talk about was their turnovers and they turn around and select a guy who had one of the highest PNR turnover rates in Division I..

JD Davison will play for the Celtics in Summer League after being selected at No. 53 overall in the 2022 NBA Draft..

A closer look at Celtics draft pick JD Davison. @985TheSportsHub.

@Resistcelta Se tratando de um ARMADOR, nada mais natural que ser dos mais baixos da classe. A verdade é que foram selecionados 6 PGs nesse draft, e Davison esta bem condizente em altura com os demais Jaden Ivey - TyTy - Nembhard - Chandler - McGowens - JD Davison -.

Call me stupid and biased if you want, but I bet JD Davison is the starting PG for the Boston Celtics by the end of next season. Mark my words. If he can clean up his turnover rate, he could be very dangerous. He’s crazy athletic and can shoot fairly well. Boston is thin at PG 🤷🏽‍♂️.

JD Davison Photo,JD Davison Photo by Crimson Coverage,Crimson Coverage on twitter tweets JD Davison Photo
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