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2. Jeff Hardy’s mind-blowing Swanton Bomb from the top of the iMPACT! Zone (Bound For Glory 2005)

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📸Flashback: Smackdown - May 3, 2001: Jeff Hardy vs. HHH:

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X ()

Jeff Hardy wbiegnie na cmentarz i zacznie strzelać fajerwerkami.

Squeakz ()

This match has a musical score to it lmao. This is a Jeff Hardy production. WHAT IS THIS LIFE WE LIVING RIGHT NOW?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Wrestlemania #QuarantineMania

J.C ()

@WWE_NoticiasLA Si nos ponemos a pensar de todos modos Roman Reings le iba a ganar a Goldberg, yo hubiese puesto a Jeff Hardy y creo que hubiese sido mas aceptable y lindo ver eso, pero le jugó el numero a Strowman #WrestleMania de mierda

ᴋᴇɪᴋᴜ ()

@icarux_ Sisi. Por ejemplo me acuerdo de Jeff Hardy y los saltos que hacía que me quedaba flipando y creía que se mataba de verdad xD

Nico ()

1. Undertaker vs. Mankind—Hell in a Cell 2. Seth Rollins cashing in 3. Hulk Hogan Slams Andre the Giant 4. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock—WrestleMania XIX 5. Edge spearing Jeff Hardy off the ladder defining the TLC match for the rest of wrestling history

Öykü ()

bi jeff hardy nin vedasını ve matt hardy nin onu nasıl kurtardığını izlememiştim az önce onları da izledim muhteşem bir youtube bataklığı

Heel Turn Chris ()

Always felt like Jeff Hardy would have jumped off the Wrestlemania sign, but Kevin Owens flying high! #Wrestlemania36

Lunden ()

I never thought the first person to dive off the WrestleMania sign would be a 270 pound man. Growing up, I always thought that was how Jeff Hardy would die.

Patrick Allen ()

@HeyHeyItsConrad If Jeff Hardy was wrestling tonight would Michael Hayes be telling him to jump off the ceiling fan?

Uğurcan Türk ()

Beynimin bir yerin de hala Jeff Hardy ve Edge kemer için dövüşüyorlar. #WrestleMania

👑KC👑 ()

Kevin Owens suck! How you use Stone Cold’s stunner and Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb as your own finisher? Be original #WrestleMania

Félicia 🇦🇴 ()

John Cena Rey Mysterio Undertaker Jeff Hardy Batista Triple H ❤

Bolaji ()

@iamdejikamson Looks like a knockoff and watered down Twist of fate from Jeff Hardy, back in the day.

Wiggler ()

If Jeff Hardy was on this card, you know he’d be trying to work that ceiling fan into the finish of the match #WrestleMania

Kurtis Klay ()

@TeamACW Can you imagine Jeff Hardy hanging on to the titles while swinging around on the fan and Wdge having to spear a moving target?

Janile Wallace ()

@MATTHARDYBRAND Matt Hardy i know you missed Wrestlemania and you brother Jeff Hardy you can watch on wwe Network if you want

Colm Ahern ()

The three lads killing themselves for no one reminds me of Jeff Hardy [pick one of the many silly things Jeff Hardy did in TNA] in TNA. #Wrestlemania

Logan Dial ()

@newjackuncut187 I mean, if I was uncomfortable doing a high risk spot in the first match i would have said so before climbing up a ledge, having Jack pull down me just to land on his head like a Jeff Hardy finish. Jack could have been killed in that first match if we are keeping score.

Brandon Key ()

Trying the old Jeff Hardy run on the barricades and get a ladder thrown at you 😂 #WrestleMania

WDS ()

If this happened 19 years ago it probably would have been Edge vs Jeff Hardy vs Bubba Ray Dudley in that famous TLC match! #WWE #Wrestlemania36

Sam Foote ()

They always could’ve put Jeff Hardy with John, so they could put on a decent ladder tag team match 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ #WrestleMania @Matmenpodcast

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jeff hardy if you read this I am free on thursday night and would like to hang out please respond to this and then hang out with me on thursday night when I am free

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@twc_ac A mí me gustaban sus brazotes. Ah, no te creas. Sí, era el héroe de la telenovela wwesta. Luego recuerdo con especial cariño a Jeff Hardy, Big Show y Randy Orton. Creo que dejé de ver los shows poquito después de que empezara lo de The Shield (?) Me hartaban.

ChapaBroderick ()

CM Punk: Llevo 6 años retirado y aún sigo siendo el mejor luchador en el mundo. Jeff Hardy le responde: Oye Punk, ya basta de palabras. Regresa a WWE y demuéstralo en el ring. Tu y yo tenemos asuntos pendientes que arreglar. SPTM

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Lisa ()

@Tranracialangel Lol! Yep one of the names I recognized and that’s too cool! I dressed up as jeff hardy one yr when my kids were DX. 😂

Bere nadamás ⚽🌻 ()

@raul_aguilar91 Uff yo recuerdo Raw y Smack Down con Jeff Hardy, DX, Randy Orton, Chris Jerico, Undertaker, Batista, hasta las peleas de John Cena y muchos más 😂

Josh ()

Finally watched Tiger King. Joe Exotic is like a cross between Jeff Hardy and Trevor Phillips from GTA V. Hoping they free him soon.

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•SUPERCARD OF HONOR XI• Courtesy of #HonorClub, enjoy Supercard of Honor XI (2017) until midnight this Sunday! Featuring the Young Bucks vs Matt & Jeff Hardy in a Ladder War, Jay Lethal vs Cody in a Texas Bullrope Match, and more! Premiere link:

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2. Jeff Hardy’s mind-blowing Swanton Bomb from the top of the iMPACT! Zone (Bound For Glory 2005)

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