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A statement from NASA Administrator Nelson, distributed just now by the agency, about today’s Long March 5B core stage reentry..

Jeff Nelson Photo,Jeff Nelson Photo by Jeff Foust,Jeff Foust on twitter tweets Jeff Nelson Photo

like 75% of my timeline today has been both Braves and Mets fans posting screenshots of Jeff Nelson’s missed calls.

Umpires for #Braves (64-43) at #Mets (67-39): CB Bucknor, Charlie Ramos, Jeff Nelson, Stu Scheurwater (base assignments not confirmed until first pitch) First Pitch: 1:10 pm Venue: Citi Field.

Jeff Nelson is a flat out JOKE!! Dude hasn’t found the strike zone yet and we’re in the 7th inning! #Braves.

If you want proof that MLB needs robot umpires, watch the atrocity that is Jeff Nelson calling balls and strike in favor of the Mets against the Braves.

Jeff Nelson missing strike calls more than likely made that inning more interesting than it needed to be #LGM.

@DOBrienATL Jeff Nelson cost us 2 runs today already. Travis should have made him throw a piss poor hitting..

Perhaps the worst job of calling balls/strikes I have seen all year. Jeff Nelson is absolutely horrible.

Strike 3 Call! Dansby Swanson caught looking for the second out! Jeff Nelson with the call! #LGM.

Jeff Nelson open your fucking eyes you piece of shit and now they score because you don’t want to call strikes.

Jeff Nelson Photo,Jeff Nelson Photo by Aidan,Aidan on twitter tweets Jeff Nelson Photo

Jeff Nelson, please please PLLEEEAAAASSSEEEEEE do something else for a living. Umpiring isn’t for you..

Umpires for #Braves (64-43) at #Mets (67-39): HP: Jeff Nelson 1B: Charlie Ramos 2B: CB Bucknor 3B: Stu Scheurwater. First Pitch: 1:10 pm Venue: Citi Field (Updated).

Umpires for #Braves (64-43) at #Mets (67-39): Jeff Nelson, Charlie Ramos, CB Bucknor, Stu Scheurwater (base assignments not confirmed until first pitch) First Pitch: 1:10 pm Venue: Citi Field (Updated).

@GiraffeNeckMarc Talking about this Jeff Nelson? Lol how do these guys get to be so bad.

Jeff Nelson Photo,Jeff Nelson Photo by Bobby Jonez,Bobby Jonez on twitter tweets Jeff Nelson Photo

Fuck off Jeff Nelson!!! You have money on this game!! No doubt about it!! @MLBUA @mlb #LGM #MissingCallsOnPurpose.

Jeff Nelson saw the Angel Hernandez slander and got so personally offended that he decided to go “nah I’m the worst”.

Jeff Nelson has absolutely no idea where his strike zone is this afternoon. Embarrassing for #MLB..

David Peterson & the Mets better be giving Jeff Nelson a thank you gift at the end of this game.

Through 4 IP, with assistance of Jeff Nelson, David Peterson is throwing like an ace..

And now Contreras follows with a hit to right field that should have brought the Braves their 1st run of the game ... Jeff Nelson should go ahead and retire bro.

If it wasn’t for Jeff Nelson’s bad eyes, the Braves would have scored a run on that hit by Wild Bill.

This is where Snitker sell himself to the players tell your pitcher to throw the same pitch to Mets players to see if Jeff Nelson give the same calls to his pitcher if not get thrown out the game.

through 2 innings, he’s on his way with the assistance of Jeff Nelson and his huge strike zone.

This ump sleeping during these two pitches cost peterson some stressful pitches that didn’t need to be…….Jeff Nelson has always been a shitbag ump!! @mlb #FixIsIn.

Atlanta/New York Mets Game One Saturday Umpires: P - Bucknor; 1 - Charlie Ramos; 2 - Jeff Nelson; 3 - Stu Schuerwater..

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