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“Inside with Jen Psaki” debut today at noon on MSNBC with rave reviews. Would you watch her show?.

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Jen Psaki’s new show is must see TV! ❤️ if you are glad she is back!.

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Congrats to @jrpsaki and check out Inside with Jen Psaki on MSNBC today! @InsideWithPsaki.

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Please watch the terrific Jen Psaki’s great new show—tomorrow 12 PM Eastern on @MSNBC:.

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Jen Psaki doing to all GOP what she did to Peter Doocy in the White House briefings. You love to see it..

Wow, what a hard-hitting interview. Look, Jen Psaki is in and she does a bangup job as a flack. But would a financial news network hire the chief flack at Goldman Sachs to host a show? Hey maybe they would, and the result would be unabashed flackery like this..

In line with what I was expecting from the wise and well-spoken Jen Psaki - her first show is hitting hard and proving that it will be a must-watch for politicos out there. Woke is a nonsense political buzzword right now and has absolutely zero push when used on undecided voters..

@EdKrassen BREAKING: the Krassenstein’s are doing another commercial for the Democrats and their media mouthpieces The reviews are in! “The blue propaganda is so much better than the red propaganda” “You can just tell Jen Psaki means so well. She’s like a friend” “Psaki bomb me anytime”.

Happy Sunday Twitter Family! I just watched Inside w/Jen Psaki. @jrpsaki The show is great! Authentic and up close and personal. Love it! Looking forward to this every Sunday. Great job @jrpsaki!.

Could a Trump indictment help him politically? Jen Psaki explains.

@RealMattCouch Wow! Even Matt Couch agrees: Jen Psaki, who has total commend of the issues as opposed to reading them, is truthful and factual. What a step forward if #MAGARepublicans can be informed by Jen, instead of soon-to-be-indicted liar and felon, Donald J Trump. #TrumpIndictment ⚖️⚖️.

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Inside with Jen Psaki this gonna be huge on russian propaganda shows, much pain :(.

@C26N4 OMG, she cites a USA Today poll & an Axious focus group to buttress her ridiculous point. This is the same Jen Psaki who will also tell you straight-faced that Slow Joe got 81 million votes..

I’m sure a gift law didn’t exist in today’s form, but if a famous artist gave their work to Jen Psaki valued at $8 million, you can absolutely guarantee she would not have been able to keep them. So maybe the Early family should just give the originals to the National Archives..

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