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God desires to reveal Himself to all that will seek Him with their whole heart. Draw near to the Lord today in prayer, and He will draw near to you (James 4:8). But remember, one moment in the presence of God will spoil you and change your life forever..

At midnight, it will have been 1,804 days since Jesse James caught that ball, and the NFL still has no idea what a catch is..

And on Day 1,803, God said Fuck them Patriots. And justice was served for Jesse James. Amen.🙏.

Gotta maintain possession through hitting the ground Patriots should know about that ask Jesse James lol patriot fans were calling that not a TD.

If Jesse James didn’t catch the ball, he didn’t catch the ball. Cry Bill, cry..

Eu só faço um exercício básico de coerência: Em 2017 houve uma gritaria pelo TD do Jesse James contra os Patriots, revertido pela arbitragem. A regra então mudou para que lances como aquele passassem a ser.

@ATLSportStan @NFL Pats just getting a taste of their own medicine with the Jesse James catch.

Esto es lo que comentaba antes y no entiendo. Tras lo de Jesse James se elimina lo de sobrevivir al suelo. Se exige control ✅️, dos pies u otra parte del cuerpo ✅️ y extender. Por qué vuelven con lo de sobrevivir al suelo si lo habían eliminado?.

Jesse James Photo,Jesse James Photo by Catanovski,Catanovski on twitter tweets Jesse James Photo

Se trae mucho a colación lo de Jesse James, pero recuerdo que por esa jugada se cambia la norma y ya no se exige sobrevivir al suelo. No tengo ni idea de lo que se pide ya. Supongo que estos días aclararán la jugada..

Miren, la regla que menciona Anderson ya ni siquiera existe. ¿Recuerdan lo de Jesse James? Pues eso la cambió para evitar lo de anoche. Solo es justificar lo injustificable..

@PFF in 2017 the Steelers lost to the Patriots on a similar play when TE Jesse James caught a pass at the 1 and stretched across the goal line, but it was considered incomplete because the ball did not survive the ground.

Jesse James is probably aware the rule changed in 2018. Volin is the ultimate clown..

Watching #NEvsMIN, and I think we can all agree once again…we do not know what a catch is. I thought the NFL figured this out/fixed the rule a few years ago after Jesse James. Crazy thing is, I never remember it being like this up until 2014 with the Dez Bryant “no catch”..

Dez Bryant was a TD catch. Jesse James was a TD catch. Hunter Henry was a TD catch. Do better @NFL @NFLOfficiating.

That ones for Jesse James you fucking cunts. How does it feel.

@FeitsBarstool Now do the Jesse James catch that would’ve decided home field in the AFC and the Steelers got screwed vs Pats (in a normal world they are all catches).

@eriksteelo @NFL Lmaooo hated that call for every reason except the fact it helped us win. But Jesse James caught that ball and so did Hunter Henry today.

@metabart13 @YaClams 100% They literally changed the rules after the jesse james catch because it so clearly should be a TD so that this would be a TD.

- Dez caught that ball. - Jesse James caught that ball. and the now latest instalment… - Hunter caught that ball. The 🌍 seen these catches get made only to have them be called incompletions..

Jesse James Photo,Jesse James Photo by The Dantriloquist,The Dantriloquist on twitter tweets Jesse James Photo

@patriot11hawk @ColinCowherd The NFL gifted you the 1 seed with the Jesse James call and THIS was the worst officiated game of all time? Cry more bum.

@PFF It wasn’t a TD for Jesse James in 2017 in a game that decided who got the #1 seed in the AFC. Then they changed the wrong rule to “fix” the problem from happening again. No touchdown because he wasn’t a runner yet. Same story they used in previous cases so that is the precedent..

Now you know how we feel, @Patriots Jesse James caught that ball. #HereWeGo @steelers #HereWeGo.

@RNBWCV Erinnerst du dich an den Jesse James td pit vs. NE vor ein paar Jahren? Gleiche Geschichte.

@richeisen Rich Eisen, you can totally see the ball hitting the purple ground and leaving a mark on the ball. It’s not like when Jesse James “DID”catch this ball and the refs stole it from Pittsburgh..

Jesse James Photo,Jesse James Photo by Kaʻiulani DeLaCruz 🌸🌺,Kaʻiulani DeLaCruz 🌸🌺 on twitter tweets Jesse James Photo

@PFF Yes. That standard was set when Jesse James’s touchdown was taken away from him. What comes around goes around..

@Steelers_U_ Y’all dumb as shit lol. The Jesse James catch was the right call, this was the wrong call. They changed the rule after that season..


Karma is OK, but Jesse James Caught That Ball. @JamesCaughtIt.

@YaClams lmao just like when jesse james made that td on the pats but it did not count.

@TheRealTTime @ShannonSharpe More recently, it’s the Jesse James (non) catch against the Pats. Go ahead and pull up the YouTube video.

@HackswithHaggs Jesse James says hi and suggests a quick trip down Patriots history lane to see how such a play should be called..

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