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🚨Air Jettas HOODIES & T-shirt🚨 The people wanted it back and after one of the greatest catches of all time, we HAD to do it. You can either purchase in hoodie or t-shirt. Only available until next Fri 11/25. #SKOL BUY:.

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Y’all can just call me a sharp 🫡👌 thank YEW Jettas and Kirk.

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@KirkFanBoy People are big mad 💀💀💀 loved seeing Jettas gobble on that big ol turkey leg 🤤.

Nah fr tho, if Jettas and Tyreek ain’t in the MVP convo then I’m shouting racismo from the mountain tops. They’re losing their mind this season.

I dont even hide that I love Jettas Davante is fine now that he aint with #12.


@bennyblancooooo I wanted Ceedee I can’t lie lmao but I didn’t realize how good Jettas was bruh wtf.

@johnrivers131 That Vikings team got one way to win and it’s for Jettas to be special. In all they wins he got 98+ yards..

@gufrm_ ‘21 Kupp was generational but hes also incredibly white so give me ‘22 Jettas.

Sauce Gardner gotta see Diggs, Waddle/Hill, Jettas, Amon Ra and Christian Kirk to end this year.

@johnnylugo__ @brettito_ Oh okay I assumed he was saying the bolts were one pick away from Jettas. Eagles still the biggest losers for that. Nevertheless I love my big Tackle Brett..

it’s wild cuz Minnesota got Jettas wit Buffalos pick in that Diggs trade, so either way either team was bound to come up lol..

@espn @NFL A post about Jettas and everyone talking bout the refs😭😭 respect the catch it’s not that deep.

This doesn’t show me live betting J Jettas 3 times and making all my money back from this week and last. Boy is different😳😳😳.

@SadNinersFan_ 1000% D Mac was doubling Jettas. Mills is ass and just got beat. That simple.

@ItsMikeHill Davante Adams gotta be in the top 3 but yes I agree jettas has to be in the conversation for the best.

its crazy jamarr chase and justin jefferson are the same height because jettas looks so much taller on the field. he’s so lanky but easily looks 6’3.

Touchdown by Thielin set up by J Jettas! What a throw by Cousins! Now our defense need to make a stop again! Justin Jefferson is incredible man wow! He is must see tv but cousins put it on him!.

@itsbostoncream When the other team has Jettas, cook and TJ, Thielen, 26 is not as crazy as you making it.

Jettas finna take Calvin’s spot on the all time list smh oh well as long as niggas know Quintorres still top 4 all time.

Kirk cousins get a lot of unwarranted hate (from me) but somebody throwing J Jettas them balls 🤷🏾‍♂️.

Idk what’s better for me Kirko really enjoying the Turkey leg or Jettas not eating because of his grills.

@YSLdill i mean julio is like top 6 all time for sure but jettas really could get up there bro alreasy got yards in 3 years and arguably the greatest catch ever made in the history of football.

@Zirksee I mean most people panic buy just gotta be patient hit PS2 for 330 and jettas for 380 both not the craziest deals but good enough.

Jettas saved Kirk🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ He can maybe play a lil longer now.

@MedicalMattATC tell me how Kelce is a TD and Henry’s isn’t Jettas moved first and flag was on him, even the officials analyst in booth said so (although the also called Henry catch not a TD so moot).

@Bjohnsy15 Jettas stats today literally would have been tyreeks 6th best game of this season 😭😭.

@JohnOwning Watch the tape, he was getting burnt a lot but the D-line was on top of Kirk, Diggs has taken a big step up this year in actually covering WRs but he didn’t really have a great game against Jettas he got bailed a lot.

Jettas w/ 29 points. St brown w/ 28 points. Schultz w/ 19 points. Jamal gave a light 10 but yea…. Good fantasy thanksgiving.

@johnnylugo__ @brettito_ Brett knows this already I’ve made him watch the tape but not sure what the point of Brett’s tweet was. Jettas shouldn’t have fail that far. A healthy KA and JJ would’ve been deadly tho..

@JoshCaron15 @JohnOwning Diggs was involved in 37 coverage snaps. Like, yeah Jettas got past him a couple times, but we’ve actually seen dude COOK DBs all year, like REGULARLY, open every single play. This wasn’t that at all. But who cares? We both got Ws today lol.

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