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Just gonna leave this here. Jim Carrey for the win, y’

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k ro
K ro ()

@illches muy buen crossover de jim carrey con una remera de daddy yankee

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Koimoi.com ()

Jim Carrey To Play Presidential Candidate Joe Biden In Saturday Night Live Season 46! #JimCarrey @nbcsnl #Koimoi

Forrest, The Editor
Forrest, The Editor ()

As much as I despise seeing Jim Carrey do a dramatic reading of the Corn Pop story would probably be pretty funny

emilio yanez
Emilio yanez ()

Follow me for a second here. The movie the mask has a sequel with Loki in it, Loki is in the marvel universe with the avengers. Jim Carrey played the original masks. Therefore, Jim Carrey is in the marvel universe.

Mr. Kosah
Mr. Kosah ()

@Mithzan My friend actually thought the movie was a real story or something and said “wow that dude looks like Jim Carrey”

Phillipa Charlotte
Phillipa Charlotte ()

Jim Carrey will have to get rid of his rubber faced comedy habit.

Susan Leihy
Susan Leihy ()

Jim Carrey to play Joe Biden on SNL, new season starts Oct. 3

Kekeboot ()

#television #emmy how is Jim Carrey playing Joe Biden> Their names arent that similar

humanist philosophies
Humanist philosophies ()

#jimcarry saw he was suppose to parody trump and I remember back when jim carrey was still in the awakened man phase this was going around the interwebs for a while decide what you think

Working Trucker
Working Trucker ()

‘Saturday Night Live’ Taps Jim Carrey To Play Joe Biden For 46th Season

Eroslane ()

@fortunefunny I rewatched Peggy Sue Got Married on @tcm for the first time since its initial release. I’d totally forgotten Jim Carrey was in this. Totally.


I can’t even imagine!!! Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live

dr. dalia malek داليا عبد الملك ☥𓂀
Dr. dalia malek داليا عبد الملك ☥𓂀 ()

Got sad that jim carrey is old enough to play biden on snl & then i remembered what makeup is

Angel Patiño
Angel Patiño ()

El cómico Jim Carrey interpretará al candidato demócrata a la Presidencia de Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, en la nueva temporada del popular programa “Saturday Night Live”, hay q verlo!

AppSame ()

Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live Dumb and Dumber on @nbcsnl and the campaign trail

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BxTadow - All Black Everything 💪
BxTadow - All Black Everything 💪 ()

OH I GOTS to see THIS! 😂🤣😂🤣 Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live

Jason Ibrahim
Jason Ibrahim ()

@jackienobrakes Jim Carrey slamming his head into a mirror screaming Somebody Stop me! Over and over

Ashlen ()

Why the FU*K is Jim Carrey playing Biden???? And why the F*CK are they having a studio audience???? Being back in the studio is risky enough as it is wtf

There are some who call me...TIM
There are some who call me...TIM ()

I think this is a terrible idea. Jim Carrey is an antivax nutjob, and his idea of comedy is making the same faces over and over. SNL has done actual damage to Democrats in the past through parody. SNL speaks to primarily young voters.

Beemer 518 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Patriot. Covfefe.
Beemer 518 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Patriot. Covfefe. ()

@ACTBrigitte @4annegs Jim Carrey looks and acts like Basement Joe already, so it won’t be acting! What a Schmoe!

Marc Norris
Marc Norris ()

Jim Carrey to Play Joe Biden on Upcoming Season of ‘Saturday Night Live’ via @RollingStone

Je suis moi!
Je suis moi! ()

@JLCauvin So weird cos I introduced my 9yo to The Mask today and promised a Jim Carrey fest from now on.

Tina Fey
Tina Fey ()

Jim Carrey Is Playing Joe Biden on ‘SNL’ after Pitching the Role Himself - IndieWire

Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Rex Chapman🏇🏼 ()

Just gonna leave this here. Jim Carrey for the win, y’

Andrew ()

jim carrey will absolutely destroy joe biden on i think he will enjoy doing so.

DSR ()

Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph? You need more reasons to vote for Biden and Harris?

Leslie Salzillo
Leslie Salzillo ()

Loving it. Jim Carrey hates Trump & will make Biden look better. I hope SNL realizes how much influence they carry in presidential elections. I hope they view this election as democracy’s last stand. Expose Trump for the horrible human being he is—don’t just make him a joke.

ersatz haderach of the kenny vs. spenny gesserit
Ersatz haderach of the kenny vs. spenny gesserit ()

When I drove to LA 25 years ago I wrote a check to myself and wrote Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden in the memo field.

sharon bard
Sharon bard ()

@nbcsnl Jim Carrey, Please be nice when you play Joe Biden; he’s a wonderful man, and will be an amazing president. We need his kindness and honesty as well as his intelligence and ability to truly lead America. 🙏💙💙🙏

The Daily Beast
The Daily Beast ()

BREAKING: NBC announced that actor Jim Carrey will be joining SNL to play Joe Biden

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