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Biden’s rubber smile is so crazy he should star as Jim Carrey in The Mask. And Jim Carrey should play Joe Biden oh wait ...

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NorgeDan ()

I’m going to say it again: Jim Carrey is a terrible Biden. #SNL needs to just cut their losses & end this misguided experiment. Bring back Woody Harrelson.

Axios ()

There were plenty of jokes about the presidential debate mute button, as Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey returned to duel as President Trump and Joe Biden in the latest Saturday Night Live cold open

TMG ()

@SANJOSEMAILMAN Yeah, I’m not watching anymore! Jim Carrey thinks he’s still on “ in living color “ (which I loved back them).

Chris Lu
Chris Lu ()

Jim Carrey on #SNL: Better tonight. But still too much mugging Bring back Jason Sudeikis

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter ()

Biden’s rubber smile is so crazy he should star as Jim Carrey in The Mask. And Jim Carrey should play Joe Biden oh wait ...

Frank Torres
Frank Torres ()

Here is why we’re not loving Jim Carrey as Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live #SNL #NBC

Charles ()

@C_A_Nicholas @MarlowNYC I thought Jim Carrey did a great job. He was hilarious. SNL both skits of Trump and Biden were funny.

The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail ()

‘SNL’ airs Canadian-themed ‘Drake Watch’ sketch; Justin Bieber and Jim Carrey also appear

Mayday Mindy🌊
Mayday Mindy🌊 ()

I’m sorry please don’t yell at me but Jim Carrey is not cutting or capturing Joe Biden at all. Trump is a maniac, Biden is chill. Carrey is doing Joe as manic and it’s not working, personally it’s actually painful to watch Carrey failing! #SNL

JenniferCali ()

@mommamia1217 Jim Carrey and the word nuance have never met. His Biden is seriously nerve grating.

Space cadet
Space cadet ()

SHUT UP, Kirstie Alley, Jon Voigt, Jim Carrey, Shelley Long and every other celebrity who feels compelled to talk out of their ass. There, I said it.

Hhklady ()

@mommamia1217 I agree. I’m glad someone else feels that way. Everyone was raving about Jim Carrey, but I think his portrayal is his usual one-note routine, this time playing Joe as a doofus.

Jim Carrey Online
Jim Carrey Online ()

SNL | New sketch with Jim Carrey as Joe Biden as Bob Ross 🎨 😂 Much more on our website 😎

Jim Carrey Photo,Jim Carrey Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Payton Justice
Payton Justice ()

In my opinion, Jim Carrey does a far better Biden than Woody Harrelson. Go watch him do Biden, and tell me it’s a better “impression”. Politicians will be made fun of on SNL. They won’t be painted in a 100% positive light. Welcome to satire!

wesley forrest jr
Wesley forrest jr ()

Jim Carrey ...yeah laugh it up ppl ...trump will make this country democrat free ..First get rid of that nasty old witch nancy ..then send harris back to her own Biden back to his basement retirement home .

Jack Tracy
Jack Tracy ()

@yashar Jim Carrey is the best it’s just everyone else on snl sucks. Also current politics makes snl so unfunny it’s actually insane.

Alexandria Daniels
Alexandria Daniels ()

I love Jim Carrey. He always makes me but I think the writing is the issue more so than his performance.

Dina Relin
Dina Relin ()

Far too many cast members on #SNL this season. Chloe Fineman should have been promoted to main cast, she’s terrific. Where are Aidy and Cecily? Alec Baldwin is now too silly to play the really scary Trump. More Maya Rudolph, less Jim Carrey.

Gay Icon Scott Hansen
Gay Icon Scott Hansen ()

@TheNoahCooley I think it just shows how unconfident Libs are about this election and feel that everyone is out to get them. It shows weakness. People hate Trump - that isn’t going to go away because Jim Carrey does wacky faces as Joe Biden.

Vivienne ()

It’s not that he’s not a good actor; we all like Jim Carrey Jim Carrey on #SNL seems more like Count Olaf not Joe Biden. Also while I am here, Alec Baldwin is perfect but what was with the white hair?

Godzilla0815 ()

Jim Carrey als Joe Biden ist echt der Hammer, aber Alec Baldwin als Trump ist immer noch unschlagbar 😂

Ariana 🌸🧚🏼‍♀️
Ariana 🌸🧚🏼‍♀️ ()

The fact that Issa Rae, Justin Bieber, & Jim Carrey ALL were on SNL tonight makes me wanna cry ❤️😭

Nicholas F. Benton
Nicholas F. Benton ()

Jim Carrey TERRIBLE as Biden on SNL as he no clue what makes him tick. Horrible impersonation! #SNLColdOpen

Prof99 ()

NBC and CBS are having a brutal week in failing our American Democracy, from their poor choices in the News to the crappy #SNL portrayal of Biden by Jim Carrey.

MARLA Van Mulligen-Franks 🌷🌊
MARLA Van Mulligen-Franks 🌷🌊 ()

@PreetBharara Only funny bit was Don Jr & Eric on Weekend Update. I love Jim Carrey but all I see is his past no hint of Biden.

Melissa Pfeiffer
Melissa Pfeiffer ()

Sorry @nbcsnl but Jim Carrey is a miss as Biden. Truly, it’s not too late. You have two more weeks.

lauren bromm
Lauren bromm ()

overall: disappointed but not surprised. we need more moffat, strong, and bryant. also bring in someone else other than jim carrey and make the cold opens funny again #SNL #snl

Skylar כוכב
Skylar כוכב ()

Tonight’s SNL is some of the worst I’ve seen. None of the sketches were funny and I’m sorry to say this about one of my comedic actors, but Jim Carrey as Biden has been pretty subpar.

The Terror of Dublin🎃#WearAMask😷#BidenHarris2020
The Terror of Dublin🎃#WearAMask😷#BidenHarris2020 ()

Jim Carrey is doing Ace Ventura as Joe Biden. Bring back Jason Sudeikis, he did the best Biden #SNL

Arthur Chu
Arthur Chu ()

Jason Sudeikis was a perfect caricature of Biden and the Jim Carrey thing by contrast is like this platonic ideal of bad celebrity impersonation

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