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Jimmy Buckets is playing with the intensity of someone who wants a max contract and the 2nd lead in Space Jam 2..

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Okay, so Hassan/Goran opt out, stretch RA contract. Sign jimmy. Then move JRich/JJ/lottery pick and a future first for let’s go! Point Justise Beal Bam Jimmy Buckets KO.

@deathcabfortita fuck! nakalimutan ko din pala si JIMMY G. BUCKETS!! 😌 lezzgo three teams ko pala pasok.

@KrazyK__ Fasho he was just efficient with the buckets, Jimmy finna pull a Minnesota at practice again 😂😂.

@PhillyFreck215 From what I saw Jimmy Buckets was the only one willing to put in honest They thought we’re gonna smack the and that’s def not what happen.

Jimmy Buckets beast the buzzer with a big three to end the half.

@SarahSpain Jimmy Buckets will definitely have the cuss words ready to rock once he sees this..

Jimmy Buckets is about to have a practice to remember tomorrow after that game lol..

Was on a plane to Orlando the whole Sixers-Nets game so here’s my thoughts: •Sixers fans were embarrassing •Jimmy was the only player on the Sixers doing anything •Nets are a damn good basketball team.

Jimmy Buckets gone show up to practice tomorrow with 4 cardboard cutouts of Antwan Jamison and beat the starters by 20.

Ο Jimmy Buckets δεν κρατήθηκε κ πήγε να ρίξει μερικές ψιλές στο Σίμονς μετά την εκπληκτική αποψινή του εμφάνιση... #NBAPlayoffs2019.

@Shaun_Durnin They need more from him and a few others👀 jimmy buckets doing his thing.

Jimmy buckets was the only one out there wanting to play today!! @sixers #completedisaster.

Allen Iverson was right. Jimmy Buckets is the perfect fit for philly. Apparently hes the only one..

@BeastCaucasian I hope everyone in the locker room fears for their life after Jimmy Buckets gets in..

@kjlamborn this cannot be uplifting for a 76er fan. Jimmy Buckets may go after somebody after this..

In the Sixers-Nets game: - Embiid looks terrible due to his knee injury. - Simmons fading in the playoffs again. - Jimmy Buckets playing for a max contract. - Brooklyn is for real..

That’s so weak ! Prob looking at us roasting them 😂😂😂* besides jimmy buckets.

@SpikeEskin @JordanBrenner A Sixers lost and Jimmy Buckets goes off. Spike’s worse nightmare.

@DadBod79 Where Kendall at? She cozying up with Jimmy buckets tonight. She likes winner. Ben is no winner..

If The Nets DO Win This Series, Was The Chances Of Jimmy Buckets Crying Like He Did At The Beginning Of The Season In #NBAPlayoffs.

Watching those last three Philly buckets (jimmy finish over length, Joel stepping into mid range, JJ leaning 3) after spending lot of time with Hoop Summit is good reminder NBA players are fucking ridiculous at the basketball sport..

Jimmy Buckets need to run the offense and let Ben Simmons be a role player in this series. #BKNvsPHI.

Damn, Jimmy getting I guess you could call Jimmy G. CAUSE JIMMY GETS BUCKETS 👀..

Jimmy Buckets debuts a new Jordan Supreme Elevation colorway at home! #NBAKicks.

Jimmy Buckets Photo

Jimmy Buckets is playing with the intensity of someone who wants a max contract and the 2nd lead in Space Jam 2..

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