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  • [email protected] is calling it a career. See you in Canton, Joe. 📰 » https://t.co/BoYpcxVcIg #ThankYou73 https://t.co/gzEa8Z6tPK.

    Joe Thomas twitter.
  • Browns announced that the great OT Joe Thomas is retiring. Thomas played with 20 - 20! - different QBs during his time in Cleveland..

  • #Browns LT Joe Thomas is retiring, the team has announced..

  • Future Hall of Famer Joe Thomas announces his retirement from the @NFL "I will always be a Cleveland Brown." https://t.co/YtwgALwZ2l.

  • Long the lone bright spot on a franchise marked by mediocrity, Joe Thomas walks away as one of the greatest NFL linemen of all time. @robertmays: https://t.co/gyu87s9UB6.

  • Si todavía queda alguien en mi TL que no sabe porque Joe Thomas ha sido tan, tan, tan, tan grande que se lea esto por favor. https://t.co/5t8i8aYGg5.

  • Joe Thomas is one of my favorite NFL linemen to watch. Man is literally a walking legend..

  • From @MarcSesslerNFL -- Joe Thomas ends legendary -- yet bittersweet -- Browns career https://t.co/6IojA56Jsj.

  • From 1980 to 1992, Steelers pass-rushers had to deal with Anthony Munoz. From 1996 to 2007, they got to face Jonathan Ogden. From 2007 until 2017, they were stalemated by Joe Thomas. In a nearly unbroken line spanning four decades, blindside rushers have had their hands full..

  • Pretty selfish of Joe Thomas to retire without donating his brain to CTE research. #InItForHimself #BadGuy.

  • "It’s been an amazing ride" https://t.co/RKVZmHzFWE.

  • @SportsBoyTony just slap a Joe Thomas Jersey on @KenCarman and get him out there. https://t.co/0HlkWaq1N9.

  • #DASAM574 Es nuestra obligación, como fans, adorar a Joe Thomas por encima de sus resultados. Uno de los nuestros. https://t.co/W2X9WTYzw8.

  • Cleveland @Browns Tackle @joethomas73 Announces Retirement After 11 Seasons https://t.co/euGhDO8yb2 https://t.co/xxvefUo9Wi.

    Joe Thomas twitter.
  • #NFLesp Decidimos retrasar un día la grabación del podcast y muy bien que hicimos, además de pillar la cresta de la ola de la Agencia Libre le pudimos rendir un merecido homenaje a Joe Thomas #Ivoox: https://t.co/KkEkQaa7T2 #iTunes https://t.co/y9f1JZahyP.

  • 4 hours of joe Thomas talk yawn here we go; break it up with with Orlando and Sacramento winning last night @SportsBoyTony @KenCarman.

  • Jack Cichy excels at Wisconsin pro day; Joe Thomas retires from NFL https://t.co/H4vFgS4CSU https://t.co/yL3TxOyEpr.

    Joe Thomas twitter.
  • The Browns left tackle thanked Cleveland fans after announcing his retirement from pro football, a career ... - https://t.co/qv8LR18Vj5.

  • #EnoughIsEnough #ThisIsUs #PiDay Tyrann Mathieu Joe Thomas Lonely Lodge Toys R Us #PA18 https://t.co/Y9fNE8SpsM.

  • The stats on Joe Thomas will blow your mind. He only gave up 30 sacks in his career while playing with 20 different crappy starting QB’s. https://t.co/yOgW6wO77j.

  • Raven reviews...Joe Thomas- Gringa "Powerful and thought provoking" https://t.co/hLGazrQBgj @ArcadiaBooks @NicciPrasa.

  • In his 11 year career, Joe Thomas only had one winning season, (2007) zero playoff appearances and blocked for 20 different quarterbacks with the Browns. @joethomas73 #HOTTAKES https://t.co/UXDVntR6w0.

    Joe Thomas twitter.
  • Since 1967 (first year of the common draft), 11 OTs have made the Pro Football HOF. All 11 OTs played in the postseason. Joe Thomas would be the first common draft era OT to make the HOF without playing in the postseason. #Browns.

  • Does anyone have the Joe Thomas rep against Khalil Mack? I’ve never seen anyone rag doll Khalil like a small child before. Awesome player..

  • Joe Thomas will retire with 48 career wins in 11 seasons. His team only won more tha 5 games twice on his 11 year career. That is a monumental waste of a great offensive lineman. #NFL #Browns #JoeThomas #AFC.

  • Congratulations on a great career and best of luck in retirement from playing football for Joe Thomas, the 2002 WFCA co-Defensive Player of the Year..

  • Joe Thomas tire sa révérence ! Merci à toi pour ta fidélité ! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 #GoBrowns #DawgPound.

  • Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas retires after 11 seasons #RedWings https://t.co/S8Z9cdozJf https://t.co/pokhvyUEcJ.

    Joe Thomas twitter.
  • Everyone who is an nfl fan should be sad for joe Thomas today. One of the best tackles to play the game and never went anywhere. Sign with a contender one time for the one time big guy!.

  • Ikke mere Joe Thomas https://t.co/gBhawz3Mv1.

  • Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas retires after 11 seasons #Lions https://t.co/30ciziJ2HW https://t.co/PqAmTuCNvy.

    Joe Thomas twitter.
  • Joe Thomas got tired of the losing and said fuck it.

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