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I’m happy the Yankees are winning but I am legit dumbfounded by everything the White Sox have done this inning. Joe Kelly throwing a million bad curves. TLR bringing in a lefty batting practice pitcher against two power righties. Their defense is bad. Wow..


Greg Kelly calls out cynical Joe Biden, the so-called Consoler in Chief, for glossing over 1 million deaths from COVID. MORE:.

The narrative of “Joe Kelly gets paid to get outs” needs to die. Tony gets paid to manage and execute the game, even when it doesn’t go the way he planned. Plain and simple..

How do we get people to learn how elections work, how to vote in every election and how to vote on policy and acumen rather than who looks electable? Some folks who looked electable were Joe Manchin, Mark Kelly, Kyrsten Sinema and Henry Cuellar..

White Sox vs Royals game 1: • Jose Abreu is looking good 👀 • Dylan Cease is FILTHY • Ethan Katz SAVED Joe Kelly • I would have let the lefty Sousa go against the KC lefties but TLR is going to TLR • SOX WIN SOX WIN SOX WIN • Let’s play two!.

Joe Kelly just pulled off the 4th Houdini in the American League this year (bases loaded, no outs, and escapes with no runs) 4/14 Michael King vs TOR 4/27 Yohan Ramirez v TBR 5/14 Shane Bieber v MIN 5/17 Joe Kelly v KCR.

I just saw a tweet about this being the best New York Yankees team since 2009. 1. It’s MAY 2. Joe Kelly threw strike three but it was called a ball with two outs in the eighth. That would have ended it tied at seven before NYY took the lead/TLR fell asleep 3. It’s MAY.

Ethan Katz: Joe, please stop being shite Joe Kelly: Yes sir #whitesox.

Tony La Russa made a very questionable bullpen decision in the 7th (based on matchups). Joe Kelly very predictably loaded the bases with no outs. Then, Ethan Katz came out and might have saved the series. SOX WIN!.

After Benintendi walked to load the bases, Joe Kelly threw 14 pitches. According to pitchtrax only 4 of them would’ve been strikes Yet the Royals went strikeout, strikeout, popout.

Joe Kelly gets out of bases loaded no outs. He should have NEVER been put in against the lefty brigade of KC’s lineup when Bennett Sousa was warmed up but all is well that ends well..

Guys in Honor of Joe Kelly being the catalyst to that amazing 8th inning for the yankees .. here u go you’re welcome.

hey, been on and off paying attention to the white sox game iron chef: gauntlet was a good take on the classic food network classic looking at the data, but i think “seven-pitch” graveman should be used over joe kelly.

Astros fans Yankees fans 🤝 Hating Joe Kelly.

We went to LA to see Joe Alwyn on the Kelly Clarkson show and ended up running into Brooklyn Beckham and his new wife getting lunch lmao.

I think if Joe Kelly gets you 2 outs, and then issues 2 or 3 consecutive walks in a tie game, you should deviate from the plan to keep him out there for the next batter. What’s crazy is that the play the Yankees took the lead on was Kelly getting routine groundball contact..

Gotta be more positive since my friends count on me for constant White Sox negativity. Lets see how many likes this gets: way to go Jose with 2 knocks today, great plays by Leury in the field, and Dylan Cease was dealing. Nice job stranding bases Joe Kelly! Love these Sox!.

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[速報]剛球クソメガネことJoe Kellyさん発見される.

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I get so nervous when my son Joe Kelly is trending on sports Twitter because it usually means he gave up 8 runs in one inning.

After his rough appearance against the Yankees over the weekend, Tony La Russa declared that Joe Kelly would eventually make himself a fan favorite. Working out of a no-out, based loaded jam in a 3-0 game is a good first step..

@davidfb_03 Giancarlo was not the problem, Joe Kelly (one of my personal favorites) was.

@NUTTYxPROFESSOR SBs: Joe Flacco 1 HOFers Dan Marino + Dan Fouts + Jim Kelly combined SBs: 0.

@JamesFox917 Were those last three batters a waste of money? Last I checked Joe Kelly had won two of the last four World Series, was well-known as a strong leader in the clubhouse, and is still coming back from a significant nerve injury. Give the guy some time..

If this can be the day that signified turnarounds for José Abreu and Joe Kelly, I am all for it!.

The #WhiteSox didn’t lose this game because of Joe Kelly. He induced a weak grounder to SS that the infield had no chance of reaching because of stupid shift defensive positioning. A routine out needlessly turned into a hit. Some people will understand this; most are unable to..

Even if joe kelly was not doing bad right now, i dont understand why the white sox signed him, bullpen was not why they got smacked out of the playoffs.

@SoxShowdown I don’t understand this account at all. We’re paying joe kelly to be our 7th/8th inning guy. Big leaguers can face lefties and rightys..


Sux fans victory-lapping Joe Kelly (Who is making 7 million dollars) loading the bases against the ROYALS and not allowing a run, lowering his ERA to.

@whitesox Thank goodness. We should really be sweeping teams like the Royals. Joe Kelly almost found a way to blow another one, but he stuck in there. Good win!.

@lilginge81 Can’t believe I trusted Joe Kelly of all people to close out a fucking inning with 2 outs. Wasted Moncada’s stellar night..

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