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Folks @RealCPIUSA begins every event with an anti-racist & anti-fascist pledge. At our Feb 19th event we had huge photos of Fred Hampton & John Brown at the front of the room. The room was packed with 160 people coming from the rally to listen to speakers & eat. Calling it a….

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) and Morris Brown College have engaged in a new partnership, facilitating a counseled track to attending law school for eligible applicants..

If I had known more who Willem Dafoe was in 8th grade when we learned about John Brown I think he would have gotten even more cheers from the class.

while we wait on some news, catch up with content from the last week: new opportunities at RB, TE: showing real change in signing orlando brown: the nuance of replacing bates & bell with dax & nick:.

John Brown, William Lloyd Garrison, Elijah Lovejoy, Cassius Clay, John Quincy Adams..

@RCallahanWaco Abigail Adams John Brown Elizabeth Cady Stanton Charles Finney Bronson Alcott (and his more famous daughter Louisa May Alcott).

Did you even grow up in the south if you weren’t told in school that John Brown was a terrorist?.

This Louisiana State Map has throwback vibes we can groove to. From the majestic Brown Pelican hovering over Lake Pontchartrain to the Mudbugs and Cypress Knees of Cajun Country, Kayaking Bayou St. John and beyond, we love each and every nook and cranny. LA Boot Back in stock in.

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This Wednesday, join us as we Spend the Night with the Donnas. Disney John Williams and Tim Brown stop by as we discuss this solid rock and roll record! #TheDonnas #podcast.

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Sharps carbine rifle confiscated following John Brown’s raid at Harpers Ferry. Bought with funds raised by Henry Ward Beecher and shipped in crates labeled “Bibles” to hide their contents, Brown’s guns became known as Beecher’s Bibles..

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@AdamCforMD The mural at the Kansas state Capitol sums up my attitude regarding John Brown.

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@AdamCforMD @badposts12 Ya know. I think this is the first photo of John Brown I’ve ever seen. And while I don’t approve of violence (though tragically often needed), I’ve nothing but respect for what he stood for.

@AdamCforMD John Brown was a man of honor and should be held in high regard within the Black community, he shed blood and sacrificed his life and his sons to literally end the institution of slavery. Did you know the slave that snitched on John Brown has a memorial in Harpers Ferry.

Most underrated NFL draft prospects 1. Drew Sanders 2. Julius Brents 3. Cody Mauch 4. Adetomiwa Adebawore 5. Ji’Ayir Brown 6. John Michael Schmitz 7. Anfernee Orji 8. Kendre Miller 9. Jack Campbell 10. Matthew Bergeron.

@heather_hollaar @cbr_OLU Same boat as you Heather. I know who John Brown was, but public education in the South meant not a large amount of photos of him. I think Harper’s Ferry might be more recognizable..

John Brown deserves to be a saint in the Catholic church more than John Paul II and he wasnt even Catholic.

Now Playing: On The Dark Side - John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band - Listen now at #80s #80smusic.

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@cbr_OLU Was never taught about John Brown, especially growing up in California. I’m on my way to the library to find a book to read about him now. Thank you!.

@wfjames_brown James sir Pls notice me 7708564013 John blessing FCMB 🙏😟❤️.

If you’re disgusted by John Brown, you’re more than likely racist 🤷🏾‍♂️.


@MUSIKMENFESS h -happier •ed sheeran u - under the influence •chris brown m - madeleine •alex biggs a - all of me •john legend n -never say goodbye •bon jovi m -middle •dj snake n -never forget you •noisettes z -z •gayle.

I had a dream where I went back in time and gave John Brown (from the harpers ferry raid) a Gundam..

@makewoman1 @AdamCforMD sure. It’s John Brown’s fault. There are racial tensions, not slavery. it’s not the people who owned other people it’s the person who said that was wrong. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️.

@elmforkJBGC @AdamCforMD John Brown. If you click on the alt text you’ll see that Mr Cunning has kindly labeled it for us..

@plmanseau This is the song I was referring to. “John Brown” by Rank & File. One of my favorite songs about actual history, up there with “The Foggy Dew” and “Warren Harding.”.


@LublinerEric John Brown: Abolitionist and Revolutionary. He was really radical. He started a slave rebellion that failed. So the question is is he a hero for the level of violence he enacted for his cause or a terrorist worthy of condemnation..

@ritaresarian Interesting, I know exactly who he is and I was taught about him in school. John Brown an evil agent of Satan, a bad man, even unAmerican. But, I’m 78 and went to segregated public schools in Mississippi in 1950s..

@Ossian414 @Official_T4O His head is below waist height after he has fouled the Hibs player it is dangerous play and worthy of a booking but for the Celtic defender not the Hibs player.

@cozzybruce1888 @Official_T4O Motherwell sending off was as soft as that one. Both the questionable goals were offside for me but cancelled each other out . Both second yellows were a joke though.

@DoSomeMolly As an armed gay, john brown gun club is a circle of concened leftists defending their know if ur armed, but id encourage it. Ur abilty to defend ur right to life and the persuit of happiness is paramount. Dm me if u have gun questions. Stay safe girl!.

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