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...I did not view the dishonesty of the Clinton campaign to be a criminal matter. However, defining such payments as election rather than personal or legal matter has long been a point of contention, including in the failed prosecution of John Edwards..

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley stated that the potential legal case against former President Donald Trump is significantly weaker than the John Edwards case..

Some may have forgotten how it played out when former presidential candidate John Edwards was charged for paying hush money to a former lover.

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Remember when Democrat John Edwards was criminally charged with the exact type of crime (campaign finance violations) Trump is facing? Do you remember Democrats vowing to protest, watching them rage in defiance? No you don’t, because we aren’t in a cult..

Democrats Gloat over @realDonaldTrump Indictment Report, Forget about John Edwards Precedent #TRUMP2024 #TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica🇺🇸.

Your morals are crap and you have no standing to question ours. We cancelled John Edwards and decried his acquittal as wrong. You human trashbags are still defending #DonnieDoucheRocket..

Thanks to Governor John Bel Edwards’ expansion of Medicaid, more Louisianians have access to quality, affordable healthcare that may have been unavailable to them before! #lagov #lademos.

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When you see a MAGAt whine about the Stormy pay off case being a nothing burger remind them how big a deal they thought John Edwards paying off a mistress with campaign funds was. The internet is forever..

For the latest @Jazzwise magazine I’ve written about new albums by Dave Liebman, Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra and the Tyler Mitchell Octet featuring Marshall Allen, and about Peter Brotzmann/John Edwards/ Steve Noble live at Cafe Oto last month..

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@MarioNawfal Remember when the Dems made threats and said not to prosecute John Edwards?.

¡DÍA DEL CACHUREO! 🚛♻️ El sábado es el turno de nuestros vecinos de la zona que comprende Av. Francisco Bilbao, Monseñor Edwards, Florencio Barrios, Vicente Pérez Rosales, Príncipe de Gales, John Jackson y Nocedal. REVISA NUEVO CALENDARIO ANUAL:.

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SC Jack Smith was the prosecutor that failed to convict John Edwards of a similar campaign finance charge..

@DPhorner2 @AdamKinzinger I remember a Democratic VP nominee named John Edwards who was indicted for campaign violation. What confounds me is how those on the right have selective memory..

Opening Day Friday Eye-Catchers 2023 Angel Sonnier Gernarius Edwards 2024 Garrett Falls Kuol Atak 2025 Bryson Wheatfall John Laboi JoJo McIver Jordan Lowery Montana Wheeler 2026 Dakari Spear Mike Gibbs.

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@JonathanTurley How is this different (better or worse) then the exSenator/VP nominee John Edwards indictment in 2011?.

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@GeraldoRivera Relative to GA, J6 and top secret docs case, it’s the lowest of the bunch for sure. But keep in mind John Edwards was indicted for something similar in 2011..

@Mozzyfla @mitchellvii John Edwards was a Federal DOJ case not a Manhattan DA from NYC..

@KariLake He’s getting charged with the same thing John Edwards got charged with. With far more evidence that they had for Edwards. The Banana Republic happens when people like your orange clown god are exempt from the law..

@NonliberalE I say EQUAL JUSTICE! Trump should get the same punishment for his campaign finance violation that Hillary got for hers, and John Edwards for his!.

John Edwards used campaign donor funds for baby mamma keep quiet money but he never went to jail…..

When I ran for office, John Edwards came to a campaign event for me. Then, he rightfully got in trouble for having a mistress & misusing funds to keep it quiet..

@RpsAgainstTrump Trump himself talked about John Edwards’s arrest, so he KNEW the hush-money payments were a campaign-finance violation. That’s why he laundered them through Cohen; it’s not like Melania had access to Trump Org’s checking accounts..

@kellerg2 @politico Same. Not defending trump but this is so obviously politcal and such a weak case. Not only does it depend on the word of a convicted perjurer who is acting on his own interest, but when you look at the John Edwards precedent here, there is no real case..

The revelation that [John Edwards] had engaged in an extramarital affair and fathered a child while his wife, Elizabeth, was dying of cancer, gravely damaged his public image and essentially ended his political career..

John Edwards was not as well known or hated as Trump. The chances of Trump getting an unbiased jury or judge is small. There is no way he’ll get a fair trial..

@Michael35562440 @just_mindy Kilary Clinton??? She should be in jail herself. STFU 🙄And may I ask- how many days in jail did John Edwards spend????.

@davidfrum DJT is NO John Edwards. Yes, he had a “messy” personal life, in an otherwise respectable career. DJT, not so much. BOTH broke the law..

John Edwards apologized for the affair. Has Donald Trump ever apologized or shown remorse for anything? Why should a jury have any sympathy for his “messy” life?.

@natefishpa I don’t agree with your first sentence, but I remember what happened with John Edwards. His wife was a saint, unlike Melania. Better, they go after his election fraud in Georgia and his theft of classified records..

@willchamberlain So should John Edwards have been spared an indictment just because he was a powerful Democrat? Or are our politicians subject to the same laws as the rest of us?.

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